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Initial installation of Standard Lithium’s first modules by mobile crane is shown at the Lanxess South Plant near El Dorado.

Build-out of the Standard Lithium demonstration plant at the Lanxess South Plant near El Dorado.

Standard Lithium Ltd. said Tuesday that the mobilization of Phases 1-2 of its direct lithium extraction demonstration plant has been successfully completed at Lanxess’ South Plant near El Dorado.

Modules have been secured and are being installed at the project location.

Standard Lithium’s project team is connecting modules together, installing the site office and control room and beginning to make utility connections.

Work at the project location at Lanxess’ South Plant facility is on schedule. Installation and utility connection works will continue throughout September, until the final shipment of modules, scheduled for late September/early October.

Standard Lithium is a specialty chemical company focused on unlocking the value of existing large-scale US based lithium-brine resources. The company believes new lithium production can be brought on stream rapidly by minimizing project risks at selection stage, and by leveraging advances in lithium extraction technologies and processes.

The demonstration plant will test the commercial viability of lithium extraction from over 150,000 acres of permitted brine operations. The plant uses Standard Lithum’s proprietary technology to selectively extract lithium from Lanxess tailbrine.

The Standard Lithum process eliminates the use of evaporation ponds, reduces processing time from months to hours and greatly increases the effective recovery of lithium.

The company is also pursuing the resource development of over 30,000 acres of separate brine leases located in Columbia and Lafayette counties.

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