State Farm

The SHARE Foundation of El Dorado seeks to win a $25,000 State Farm Neighborhood Assist award.

South Arkansas residents have the chance to help a Union County project win a $25,000 grant.

Voting is open through Friday for the State Farm Neighborhood Assist award.

The SHARE Foundation has been named one of 200 nationwide finalists to receive one of 40 grants that Neighborhood Assist will give toward education, safety and community development projects.

People may vote up to 10 times a day. The votes may all go toward a single cause, or spread out in any way among multiple causes. Voters need to be a U.S. resident 18 years or older, have a valid email address, and one of the following supported browsers: Firefox FF 54 and above, Internet Explorer IE 11 and above, Chrome C 62 and above or Safari S10 and above.

The 40 causes earning the highest number of votes by midnight Friday will each be designated a winner of a State Farm Neighborhood Assist grant of $25,000.

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Early Monday, the SHARE Foundation project ranked 112th of the 200 projects.

The SHARE Foundation of El Dorado had noted the burden that violence takes on the community. It calls violence is an important issue to public health due to its impact on the well-being of individuals and families. Violence reduces productivity and disrupts social services, such as education, medical care, and housing. Violence can also cause long-term suffering for its survivors, leaving both physical and emotional damage.

SHARE has created a Violence Intervention Plan. The VIP focuses on six areas that address violence and associated risk behaviors: Mentoring and role models, parenting and life skills, jobs and education, re-entry, neighborhood safety, and mental health and substance abuse.

SHARE wants to use its $25,000 to hire a part-time community coalition assistant (CCA) to develop and create community awareness efforts.

The assistant will coordinate the efforts of 75 coalition stakeholders in order to implement awareness campaigns in each focus area. Together, they will carry out VIP strategies to achieve and sustain a reduction of violence risk factors and behaviors.

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