Scam Alert

Scammers are targeting Entergy Arkansas customers.

Entergy Arkansas is aware that scammers are targeting its customers using a spoofed phone number to appear as if they are calling from Lake Catherine power generation plant.

The callers may sound convincing when they tell customers that their electric bill payment is past due, and service will be disconnected if payment isn’t made – but Entergy Arkansas is not making the call.

Scams of this type typically work when scammers direct the customer to transfer funds electronically, sometimes through money wiring systems or pre-paid cards. In some instances, callers have demanded immediate payment over the phone.

The callers often use sophisticated spoofing technology to replicate the local utility’s name and number on the customer’s caller ID box, making it particularly difficult for the customer to spot this scam.

If a customer gets a call like this, they should hang up immediately. If they have questions about their account, they may call 1-800-ENTERGY.

Customers should only use authorized methods and legitimate banking information to pay their Entergy bill. There are several safe ways to pay electricity bills.

Pay online at myAccount. For no additional charge, pay bills online by electronic check. Log in securely to myAccount to view and pay bills.

Pay by phone. Pay your bill by credit card, debit card or electronic check by calling 1-800-584-1241. BillMatrix, a pay-by-phone provider, will charge a $2.95 service fee. BillMatrix is the only authorized credit card vendor authorized to process these types of payments.

Auto pay bank draft. Automatically deduct a bill payment from a checking account each month. Customers receive a monthly billing statement through the mail, showing the bill amount and bank draft date.

Pay by mail. Send check by U.S. mail to the remittance address shown on a bill.

People who believe they may be victims of a scam should notify the proper authorities, such as the local police or the state attorney general’s office. If you believe your Entergy account has been affected, call 1-800-ENTERGY (1 800 368 3749) to speak with an Entergy customer service representative.

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