Farm expenditures

Equipment expenditures represent a huge amount of money spent by Arkansas farmers.

Arkansas farm production expenditures totaled $8.16 billion in 2018, a slight decrease from the $8.19 billion in 2017.

The Agricultural Resource Management Survey reported average expenditures per farm decreased from $192,254 to $192,000 in 2018.

The largest increase in total expenditures, at a 50 percent increase, was for miscellaneous capital expenses, followed by a 14 percent increase for livestock, poultry, and related expenses, and a 13 percent increase for farm supplies and repairs.

The largest decreases occurred in trucks and auto at 37 percent lower than 2017, tractors and self-propelled farm machinery which decreased 32 percent, and other farm machinery which decreased 29 percent from 2017.

Farm production expenditures in the United States are estimated at $354.0 billion for 2018, down from $357.8 billion in 2017. The 2018 total farm production expenditures are down 1.1 percent compared with 2017 total farm production expenditures. For the 17 line items, seven showed an increase from previous year, while the rest showed a decrease.

The four largest expenditures at the United States level total $178.1 billion and account for 50.3 percent of total expenditures in 2018. These include feed, 15.2 percent, farm services, 12.5 percent, livestock, poultry and related expenses, 13.1 percent, and labor, 9.6 percent.

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