Officer shooting

Fayetteville police officers rush outside the rear of their headquarters last Saturday moments after hearing gunfire that killed fellow officer Stephen Carr.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office on Friday released new details and video footage of the shooting that killed Fayetteville police officer Stephen Carr.

Carr, 27, was waiting for his partner before beginning a night shift when he was approached by a suspect and shot “point blank” while sitting inside his patrol car just before 10 p.m. Saturday, December 7.

An autopsy from the state medical examiner found that Carr was shot 10 times in the head. Any of those shots alone would have been fatal.

The Sheriff’s Office, which is investigating the shooting, posted five videos from the incident on its Facebook page.

“We have hesitated to release the attached video of what transpired that night due to the heinous and shocking nature of this crime, but in an effort to keep the public informed of exactly what happened that night, we are releasing video of the incident along with the results of the Arkansas State Medical Examiner’s preliminary findings,” the post said.

Officials said the videos were shown to Carr’s family before being released to the public.

Police said the suspect, London T. Phillips, 35, was shot six times by Cpl. Seay Floyd and Officer Natalie Eucce, who along with Sgt. James Jennings chased Phillips into an alley shortly after discovering Carr had been shot.

Per department policy, Floyd and Eucce and are on paid administrative leave until the investigation is complete. Officials said Jennings didn’t fire his weapon.

Searches of Phillips’ social media accounts indicate he was “interested in anti-law enforcement groups,” the post states.

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