Dr. Michael Pakko submits paperwork to have the Libertarian Party of Arkansas recognized as a “new political party” in the state.

The Libertarian Party of Arkansas gained enough signatures on a petition to qualify for recognition as a “new political party” in Arkansas.

Secretary of State John Thurston notified state Libertarian Party Chairman Dr. Michael Pakko on Tuesday that 11,886 of the 14,593 signatures on the petition were determined to be those of valid Arkansas voters.

State law requires new political parties to submit a minimum of 10,000 valid signatures to become recognized by the state. In this instance, the certification allows candidates to appear on Arkansas ballots with the Libertarian Party designation.

Libertarian Party candidates have been on Arkansas ballots for many years. However, state law requires that parties submit new certification petitions if their gubernatorial candidates fail to receive 3 percent or more of the vote during a general election.

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