COVID-19 cases continue to climb in South Arkansas.

The Arkansas Department of Health reported Wednesday that there are 55 active COVID-19 cases in Columbia County, up two from Tuesday. Case numbers were also up in Lafayette, Ouachita and Union counties.

COVID-19 Metrics for Columbia County

Total Cumulative Cases: 5,566

Total Active Cases: 55. Last report, 53.

Total Recovered Cases: 5,414

Total Deaths: 97

COVID-19 Metrics for Lafayette County

Total Cumulative Cases: 1,313

Total Active Cases: 8. Last report, 5.

Total Recovered Cases: 1,273

Total Deaths: 31

COVID-19 Metrics for Nevada County

Total Cumulative Cases: 2,245

Total Active Cases: 31. No change.

Total Recovered Cases: 2,169

Total Deaths: 45

COVID-19 Metrics for Ouachita County

Total Cumulative Cases: 5,689

Total Active Cases: 102. Last report, 91.

Total Recovered Cases: 5,478

Total Deaths: 109

COVID-19 Metrics for Union County

Total Cumulative Cases: 9,501

Total Active Cases: 124. Last report, 111.

Total Recovered Cases: 9,194

Total Deaths: 181

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