Entertainment district

TexARKana directors are considering an entertainment district in the city.

A workshop to discuss the proposed downtown Entertainment District was held Tuesday at the Texarkana, Arkansas City Hall.

The purpose of the meeting was to address concerns raised by some board members who lacked information on the proposed ordinance discussed by the City Council, August 19.

The round table discussion was lead-off by Director Peavy, Ward 6, who thanked the planning commission for all their hard work, and hoped today would be a chance to gain community support by asking and answering questions.

Peavey pointed out that many of the folks she has spoken with are concerned about what could happen. Specifically: who is going to address trash pickup; how will the education process occur for downtown restaurants, bars, businesses, and community members; what would be the best type of container for adult beverages leaving establishments; and should the existing liquor store remain within the boundary of the Entertainment District.

Public Works agreed to handle the trash pickup by providing and monitoring receptacles. Local media sources and word of mouth will inform all concerned about the Entertainment District. Red Solo cups will be made available by businesses for exiting adult beverages. The liquor store will remain in the district as the existing Arkansas Alcohol Beverage Control laws will contribute to order and accountability.

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