Highlights: One additional death in Columbia County raises total to 21. Four new COVID-19 cases at Southern Arkansas University. Case count in Magnolia School District, which had dropped to three, now back up to eight. Additional death in Claiborne Parish raises total to 26.

COVID-19 infection information for seven South Arkansas counties and three North Louisiana parishes from respective state health departments. The following figures for COVID-19 virus cases are current through 6 p.m. Tuesday.

The figures for Columbia County and six nearby Arkansas counties include the number of tests per 1,000 individuals, the PCR percent positive rate, and the antigen percent positive rate. PCR test results usually take a day or more to be reported to individuals. Antigen test results are instant and percentage of positive rates are much higher. This is because people referred for antigen tests through local health units have already shown signs of infection.

(+) or (-) means changes in numbers since last report.

These figures reflect changes since our last report at 6 p.m. Monday. Confirmed and probable cases in each category are combined into one number.

Numbers may go up or down as individual cases are shifted between counties/parishes in light of new information. Typographical errors on this chart are corrected in the following day’s list.


                      Confirmed/      Confirmed/      No                   Total               PRC/Antigen

                      Probable          Probable         Longer             Number           Tests Per 1,000

                      Cases                 Active              Ill                    Dead              Percentages

Columbia         704+8                51+4               632+3             21+1             319.4/ P8.4/ A25.4

Columbia cumulative tests: 607+6 PCR/112+2 antigen positives. 6,582+8 PCR/329+25 antigen negatives

Hempstead      554+7                48-1                501+8              5                   322.5/ P7.3/ A27.1

Hempstead cumulative tests: 505+6 PCR/60+1 antigen positives. 6,374+18 PCR/161+8 antigen negatives

Lafayette         172+2                18-4                151+6              3                   229.1/ 10/ A38.9

Lafayette cumulative tests: 153+2 PCR/21 antigen positives. 1,377+4 PCR/33+8 antigen negatives

Miller               1,435+16           265-11            1,154+27         16                  229.3/ P13.2/ A54.9

Miller cumulative tests: 1,213+11 PCR/228+7 antigen positives. 8,010+30 PCR/187+25 antigen negatives

Nevada            301+2                29-5               258+7              14                  566.5/ P5.9/ A22.9

Nevada cumulative tests: 275+1 PCR/24+1 antigen positives. 4,401+21 PCR/81+2 antigen negatives

Ouachita          379+2                49-2               320+4              9                    322.9/ P4.8/ A12.9

Ouachita cumulative tests: 359+3 PCR/30-1 antigen positives. 7,192+23 PCR/202+2 antigen negatives

Union               1,222+20           40-6               1,033+8           49                  321.1/ P8.5/ A12.8

Union cumulative tests: 1,004+2 PCR/127+2 antigen positives. 10,759+22 PCR/867+8 antigen negatives


                    Confirmed      Confirmed      Cumulative

Parish           Cases               Deaths          Tests

Claiborne      603-1               26+1            10,351+77

Union           1,118+13          51                15,455+83

Webster       1,481+15           40                26,116+390


This list includes homes with new or added cases in the past 14 days. The state updates this information on weekdays. (+) or (-) means changes in numbers since last report. Posted information may lag behind actual current numbers.

                                                    Active            Active

                                                    Cases            Cases

Facility                                          Residents        Workers/Staff

Hudson, El Dorado                          8                    2

Arkansas Nursing, TexARKana         4                    5

Dudneywood, Magnolia                   6                    1

Southern Pines, Prescott                 6                    0

Heather Manor, Hope                      2+2               3+3

Oak Ridge, El Dorado                      2                   2

Courtyard, El Dorado                      3                   0

Springs, Magnolia                           0                   1+1

Waters, Stamps                              1                   0

Bailey Creek, TexARKana 1 0


Posted information from State of Louisiana may lag behind actual current numbers.

                                             Active               Active

                                             Cases               Cases

Facility                                   Residents            Workers/Staff

Town & Country, Webster         16                      4

Farmerville Nursing                 13                      0

Arbor Lake, Union                   10                      0

Presbyterian, Homer                8                       0

Heritage, Claiborne                  4                       0

Bernice Nursing, Union             2                       2

Meadowview, Webster              2                       1

Claiborne Rehab                      2                       0

Carrington, Springhill               0                       1


The Magnolia School District on Tuesday reported eight active COVID-19 cases. Active cases per campus:

Campus                        Staff      Students

Magnolia High                1           2

Freshman Academy        0           0

Magnolia Middle              0          3+3

Central                          0           1+1

East Side                       0           1+1

Kindergarten                  0           0

Walker                          0            0

District-wide                  0            0

Total                              1           7+5


Figures include self-reported positive tests and 100 percent remote community members:

Current active cases in isolation on SAU campus – 0

Current in quarantine on SAU campus – 10-1

Current active cases – 20+4 (18 students, 2 faculty/staff)

Current total in quarantine – 53-7

Cumulative SAU positive cases since July 6 – 142+4

Total COVID-19 tests administered by SAU University Health Services since July 6 – 1,920+94


The Arkansas Department of Health reports known COVID-19 cases numbers in Arkansas primary and secondary schools, and institutions of higher learning, where there are at least five or more active cases. Figures are released on Mondays and Thursdays. Here are the most recent South Arkansas figures issued by the state – current figures have likely changed since this report was released.

TexARKana, 17+2

De Queen, 12-2

Genoa Central, 10+5

Fouke, 9+4

Crossett, 6-2

Hamburg, 6+2

Magnolia, 5

Star City, 5

Nashville, 5

Nevada, 5

Active cases in South Arkansas colleges and universities:

Southern Arkansas, 12

Henderson State, 5


Refer to the chart above for statewide COVID-19 totals and changes since yesterday. The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals does not update reports on Saturdays.


Arkansas Department of Health call center, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., 1-800-803-7847. Email ADH.CoronaVirus@arkansas.gov

After normal business hours and weekends call 1-800-554-5738.

After normal business hours and weekends call 1-800-554-5738.

CLICK HERE to see the Arkansas Department of Health COVID-19 website.

arkansascovid.com is operated as a community service by the University of Arkansas School of Journalism and Strategic Media, in part as a classroom to explore new means for information presentation with easy-to-understand charts, graphs and text articles. CLICK HERE to see it.

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