Prison term

Dustyn Codie Martin, a former Hamburg lawyer, recently was sentenced to five years in prison, plus a lengthy suspended sentence (SIS).

Martin was charged with theft from a Drew County client, theft from Drew County relatives for loans obtained by fraud, theft of services from three individuals for remodeling work on an office in Ashley County, and forgery for real estate fraud in Ashley County.

Martin also surrendered his license to practice law in lieu of disbarment.

Prior to his guilty plea, Martin, 28, paid his Drew County client, Patsy Carpenter, in full. According to court documents, Martin deceptively obtained more than $100,000 from Carpenter.

As part of his negotiated plea, Martin agreed to make restitution to his other victims. In Drew County, Martin obtained by deception the property of two other individuals. He will repay $50,000 to one victim and $22,429 to another during his 144-month SIS, according to court documents.

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