Final divorce decrees in Columbia County during October 2021. The name listed first is the plaintiff. Most recent decrees are listed first.

Whitney Burks v. David Adams, October 20.

Kalyan McWilliams v. Gary McWilliams, October 20, Married September 19, 2008. Plaintiff is restored to her former name of Kalyan Plyer.

Katlyn Martin v. Hayden Frank Martin. October 14. Married November 23, 2018. Plaintiff is restored to the name of Katlyn Leigh Walthall.

Julia Annette Smith v. John Louis Smith. October 6. Married December 31, 1999.

Robert Dell Randle v. Carolyn K. Randle. October 4, 2021. Plaintiff is restored to the former name of Walker.

Tiffany Walker v. Terrill Walker. October 4. Married September 15, 2003.

Dana Elizabeth Huffman v. Todd Huffman. October 4. Plaintiff is restored to the maiden name of Holmes.

Vanessa Harrell v. Jordan Aulds, October 1, married August 3. 2012.

Sydney Sanders Carlton v. Robert Joshua Carlton, October 1. Married April 20, 2019. Plaintiff is restored to the maiden name of Sydney Sanders.

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