Columbia County

Columbia County real estate transactions recorded July 26-August 19 having a value of $100,000 or greater. Information is drawn from public records held by the Columbia County Circuit Clerk and County Assessor, and the Arkansas Secretary of State.


A land purchase on July 26 by Arkansas Pulpwood Company, Inc., brought a price tag of $416,000. These tracts are in the vicinity of Columbia 33 South and Columbia 155 in Waldo. Susan Jean Norwood sold 3/8 of an undivided interest in 80 acres in the S/2 SE/4 S-24, T-16S, R-22W; 3/8 of an undivided interest in 90 acres in the NE/4, E/2 NW/4 S-25, T-16S, R-22W; along with 1/2 of an undivided interest in 71.38 acres in the SW/4 SE/4 NE/4, Fractional NE/4, N/2 SE/4, W/2 NW/4 NE/4, SW/4 NE/4, S-30, T-16S, R-21W. Arkansas Pulpwood financed this sale with a mortgage of $416,000 from Farmers Bank & Trust. Norwood acquired this property August 15, 2007 from Jean Norwood, then on March 19, 2012 from the interest of Susan Norwood Rodriguez to Susan Jean Norwood by quitclaim deed.


A 2,380 SF house on Tall Timber Drive in Magnolia sold August 4 for $261,000. Chase Burns and Ravyn Brooke Burns sold the property to Michael Braswell, who financed the deal with a $247,950 mortgage from Rocket Mortgage, LLC, of Detroit, Michigan, f/k/a Quicken Loans, LLC. Mr. and Mrs. Burns purchased the property June 5, 2020, for $225,000 from Aaron and Jodie Westfall by warranty deed.


A 1,800 SF house and 1.48 acres on Columbia 33 South in Waldo sold August 6 for $163,000. Nathaniel Easter purchased the property from Mary Candace Depper and Noah Moses. Easter financed the sale with a mortgage of $160,047 from Broker Solutions, Inc., of Tustin, California, d/b/a New American Funding. Depper acquired this property June 5, 2017, for $155,000 from Jesse and Hilary J. Filbrun by warranty deed.


A 5,144 SF commercial shop building and 5 acres at 1571 Hwy. 79 North in McNeil sold August 10 for $200,000. Tommy and Debbie Cloud sold the property to OTM Wrecker Service, who financed the sale with a $232,000 mortgage from Community State Bank in Bradley. The Clouds purchased the property January 29, 2007, for $10,000 from John Paul and Linda Lou Edington by warranty deed.


A 1,508 SF house on Chestnut Street in Magnolia changed hands August 6 for $115,900. Datwain M. Smith sold the house to Mary L. Shaw, backed by a mortgage of $118,680.40 from Peoples Bank. Smith acquired the property June 29, 2018, for $103,900 from Pam White by warranty deed.


A house and 4.99 acres on Columbia 25 in Magnolia changed hands August 10 for $150,000. Matthew Ross and Chelsea Ross (f/k/a Chelsea Cook) sold the property to Datwain Smith, financed with a mortgage of $150,000 from Peoples Bank. No square footage information on the house was available. Mr. and Mrs. Ross bought the property March 17, 2015, for $120,000 from Heath and Tiffany Glass by warranty deed.


The sale of a 1,320 SF house on Marcella Street in Magnolia on August 10 brought a $135,000 price tag. David William Sanson sold the property to Catherine Adams, who financed the sale with a mortgage of $136,363 from Farmers Bank & Trust. Sanson bought the property August 22, 2011, for $95,000 from Norma Frazer, trustee of the Norma Frazer Living Trust by trustee deed.


The sale of a house and land on Columbia 104 in Waldo on August 10 rang up at $325,000. Kimberly McCool (f/k/a Kimberly A. Smith) and Mitchell McCool sold 120 acres and a 1,994 SF house to Ethan Mindrebo and Stephanie Mindrebo. Mr. and Mrs. Mindrebo financed the purchase with a mortgage of $254,202 from Farm Credit Services of Western Arkansas, FLCA, of Russellville. Kimberly A. Smith acquired the house and 40 acres September 13, 1989, for $20,000 from Nina Chamlee by warranty deed, and 80 acres on August 23, 2000, from John C. Smith and Kimberly A. Smith by warranty deed.


WDR Investments, LLC, sold a 1,866 SF house on North Dudney Road in Magnolia August 13 to Valerie Kaye Gillaspy for $169,900. Gillaspy financed the sale with a $155,585 mortgage from BancorpSouth Bank. WDR Investments, LLC, bought the property August 16, 2019, for $130,000 from Angela Brasher etal. by warranty deed.


The sale of a 3,315 SF house on North Jackson Street in Magnolia August 13 brought in a $165,000 price tag. Shirley C. Gilliam and Christopher R. Gilliam purchased the house from Russell E. Coburn and Bailey E. Coburn (f/k/a Bailey E. Testom), financed by a mortgage of $203,000 from Peoples Bank. Mr. and Mrs. Coburn bought the property March 27, 2015, for $158,000 from Ronald Dean and Susan Hyatt Jones by warranty deed.


The sale of 47.15 acres and a 2,407 SF house on Columbia 11 East in Magnolia on August 17 drew a $400,000 price tag. Matthew Cale Jean and Lyndi Jean sold the property to Daniel T. Beene. This transaction is financed by a mortgage of $320,000 from CIS Financial Services, Inc., d/b/a CIS Home Loans of Hamilton, Alabama. Mr. and Mrs. Jean purchased the property September 13, 2019, for $379,000 from Joey and Amanda Newton by warranty deed.

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