About 38 percent of readers think the Magnolia Panthers will win four or fewer football games this season. Last year, 55 percent of readers selected this answer option to a poll question.

magnoliareporter.com readers are expressing confidence that the Magnolia Panthers will have a winning football season.

Last year, 55 percent of readers said the Panthers would win four games or fewer. The Panthers won their first four games enroute to a 6-4 season.

Starting last Tuesday, we invited readers to select one of three answers to the following question:

“How many games will the Magnolia Panthers football team win this season?”

The results:

Five to seven wins, 75 votes, 43.37 percent.

Four wins or less, 68 votes, 38.41 percent.

Eight wins or more, 34 votes, 19.2 percent.

Total votes: 177.

magnoliareporter.com online polls are not scientific. They are conducted for the information and entertainment of our readers.

The results from our 2018 poll using the same question:

Four or less, 91 votes, 55.54 percent.

Between five and seven, 51 votes, 31.09 percent.

Eight or more, 22 votes, 13.41 percent.

Total votes: 164.

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