The Columbia County Clerk has issued three marriage licenses since our last report.

Marriage licenses issued in Columbia County in July 2020. The date is the day the license was issued. Most recent licenses are listed first.

Joseph Wade Millican, 38, of Magnolia and Cassidy Lee Lowe, 27, of Magnolia, July 31.

Carolton Dennis Myles Jr., 34, of Minden, LA and Laketa Rashell Nelmas, 34, of Minden, July 30.

Charles Wayne Jones, 39, of Stephens and Shekymia Divoonne Williamson, 35, of Stephens, July 30.

Christopher Lee Williams, 47, of Magnolia and Yasheakia Lashaun Tidwell, 39, of Magnolia, July 29.

Lafredrick Jamal Smith, 30, of Magnolia and Billie Ann Long, 25, July 27.

Bart Dwain Emerson, 50, of Taylor and Mindy Carol McLelland, 40, of McNeil, July 27.

Koran L. Newton, 39, of Magnolia and Lisa M. Martin, 38, of Magnolia, July 23.

Langston Joe Waller, 21, of Emerson and Jennifer Renee Rhineheart, 22, of Emerson, July 23.

David Lynn Shackelford, 61, of McNeil and Deborah Shackelford, 51, of McNeil, July 21.

Jeremy Cade Hunter, 24, of Magnolia and Allysia Marie Hurt, 23, of Magnolia, July 21.

Brayden Hunter Camp, 21, of Magnolia and Diana Paola Salgado Sesena, 20, of Stephens, July 21.

Jimmy D. Williams, 52, of Homer, LA and Ceocho B. Cornelious, 53, of Homer, LA, July 20.

Andrew James White, 38, of Benton, LA and Tristen Lynette Hollowell, 19, of Benton, LA, July 20.

Lonnie G. Warren, 78, of McNeil and Tamara Baldwin, 76, of Rosston, July 17.

Lance Edward Colvin, 34, of Taylor and Halee Alexis Campbell, 24, of Taylor, July 17.

Carl David Belt Jr., 49, of Magnolia and Kimberly Lynn Blake, 55, of Magnolia, July 16.

Dustin Douglas Fitzgerald 33, of Stamps and Allison Marie Hoffman, 23, of Magnolia, July 23

Hunter Garrett Scott, 21, of Taylor and Bailee Alexis Audirsch, 22, of Taylor, July 10.

Jonathan David Gee, 43, of Magnolia and Renae Elaine Russell, 44, of Magnolia, July 10.

Hollis Wayne Stiles, 40, of Sibley, LA and Amy LeAnn Hodges, 31, of Minden, LA, July 7.

Tahir Lateef Millener, 41, of San Leandro, CA and Genea Dancy Jones, 47, of San Leandro, CA, July 7.

John Alfred Lopez, 29, of Corpus Christi, TX and Jordyn Paige McNeely, 22, of Many, LA, July 7.

Charles Leslie Srader, 48, of Bismarck and Julie Martin Taylor, 47, of Rosston, July 6.

Billy J. Tripp, 54, of Sarepta, LA and Theresa L. Tripp, 54, of Sarepta, LA, July 2.

Dusty Paul Lacombe, 35, of Hessmer, LA and Erin Elizabeth Chapman, 36, of Hessmer, LA, July 2.

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