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Columbia County real estate transactions recorded November 8-19 having a value of $100,000 or greater. Information is drawn from public records held by the Columbia County Circuit Clerk and County Assessor, and the Arkansas Secretary of State.

The sale of two poultry farms in Waldo highlighted transactions in this week's cycle of real estate transfers.

The first poultry farm sale on November 16 brought a price of $880,000. Larry J. Foster and Janetta Foster sold the property to Michael Kelley and Jessica Kelley. This sale included 23 acres and a 2,231 SF residence on Columbia 355 in Waldo, and 5.907 acres and two broiler houses on Columbia 71 at Waldo. The Kelleys financed this sale with a $925,000 mortgage from First Western Bank of Booneville. Larry Foster received this property January 31, 2001, for $110,000 from Larry J. Foster et ux.

The second farm sale on November 17 rang up at $1,129,000, from Buddy Max Watkins and Lori Watkins to Tluang Kham. This involved 22.56 acres, four poultry houses, a dwelling, a litter shed, compost shed, and storage shed on Arkansas 355 in Waldo. This sale is financed through First Western Bank of Booneville by a mortgage assumption agreement and original promissory note of $815,000 (with a loan balance of $744,148.61), along with a mortgage of $428,851 from First Western Bank. Buddy Watkins acquired this property January 4, 2000, by warranty deed from Max L. and Murtie Lou Watkins.

A 1,820 SF house and 1.803 acres on Warnock Springs Road in Magnolia sold November 8 for $320,000. Teresa Hollensworth Rutledge (a/k/a/ Terry Hollensworth) and Jerry Rutledge sold the property to Dawood Aydani and Lynn Aydani. The Aydanis financed this transaction with a mortgage of $272,000 from Farmers Bank and Trust. Teresa Rutledge acquired this property January 1, 2007, from Terry L. Hollensworth.

The sale of a 1,128 SF house and 0.58 acre on Columbia 462 in Magnolia on November 10 brought $130,000. Roger L. Thomas and Toni Thomas sold the house to Elania K. Jones, backed by a mortgage of $131,313 from Farmers Bank and Trust. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas purchased this property March 29, 2000, for $55,000 from Harry L. and Shirley L. Temple by warranty deed.

A sale of 13 acres of land on Columbia 13 in McNeil on November 11 totaled $110,000. Dawood Aydani and Lynn Aydani purchased the property from William R. Cross, Ann Heath Compton, and David J. Cross (successor co-trustees of the Cross Family Trust). No mortgage information was available on this transaction. William Cross, Ann Compton, and David Cross received this property May 6, 1997, from the Cross Family Trust.

The sale of 0.33 acre and a building on Stacy St. in Magnolia November 10 brought $182,000. No square footage was available for this building. Lamar Murphy and Stacy Murphy sold the property to M and D Properties, LLC. This transaction is financed by a $154,700 mortgage from Farmers Bank and Trust. The Murphys purchased this property July 17, 2003, for $19,000 from Fred A. Stough by warranty deed.

A 1,756 SF house on Chinquepin Drive in Magnolia sold November 10 for $165,000. Justin Mason sold the home to Micah Larey and Hannah Larey, backed by a mortgage of $160,050 from Zillow Home Loans, LLC, of Overland Park, Kansas. Mason received this property April 3, 2016, from Randy Mason by warranty deed.

Land totaling 83 acres off U.S. 82 and 73.46 acres near Albemarle Road sold November 10 for $103,640. Lucy Anderson Rose sold the property to Betty A. Haisten. No mortgage information was available on this transaction. Rose received this property March 22, 1994, from E.M. and June Anderson by donation deed.

The sale of 2.75 acres and a 2,496 SF house on Arkansas 98 at Emerson brought $110,000 on November 18. Evelyn S. Oliveri and Anthony M. Oliveri sold the property to Billy Waller and Dana Waller. No mortgage information was available on this sale. Mr. and Mrs. Oliveri acquired this property November 14, 1997, from Evelyn Sue Oliveri.

A house and a total of 2.96 acres on Whippoorwill Drive in Magnolia sold November 18 for $250,000. No square footage was available on the house. Rebecca Clark sold this property to Alain Georges Verbeiren and Amrita Karki Verbeiren. Mr. and Mrs. Verbeiren financed this sale with a mortgage of $224,750 from Peoples Bank. Rebecca Clark received this property May 4, 2017, by quitclaim deed from Larry O. Clark.

A 1,802 SF house on Smith Street in Magnolia sold November 19 for $100,000. Rebecca Crowder Price and Danielle Renee Price (sole heirs of Danny Wayne Price) sold the property to RREL Properties, LLC (Eric Scheer). This transaction is backed by a mortgage of $85,000 from Peoples Bank. Rebecca Crowder Price acquired this property September 20, 2004, by donation deed from Thomas N. and Mavis C. Crowder.

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