The pace of well completion and workover jobs increased in the region last week, according to the Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission.

Pinnacle Operating Company of Shreveport did not complete its Smith 35 No. 1, 1,710 feet FSL and 664 feet FWL in Section 35-19S-22W in the Welcome Field of Columbia County. Total depth was to 12,300 feet. No production was reported. Work ended August 17, 2020.

Quanico Oil & Gas of El Dorado completed the Moody N-6, 1,036 feet FNL and 1,607 feet FWL in Section 17-17S-14W in the Champagnolle Field of Union County. Total depth was to 6,250 feet in the Smackover Lime, with perforations between 6,134 and 6,136 feet. Daily production was 60 barrels of 21-gravity oil. Work was finished February 26.

Lanxess Corporation of El Dorado finished the workover of its 17M saltwater disposal well in Section 32-16S-17W in the Sandy Creek Field of Union County. Perforations were between 7,127 and 7,360 feet in the Smackover Field. Work was finished February 27.

Mission Creek OPCO of Magnolia completed the workover of three wells, all in the Cotton Valley Zone in the Dorcheat Macedonia Field of Columbia County.

The Souter-Whitlow No. 10 is in Section 21-18S-21W. It was drilled to 8,725 feet with perforations between 6,560 and 8663 feet. Daily production is 5 barrels and 22 mcf of gas. Work was finished February 5.

The Snider Estate No. 4 is in Section 21-18S-21W. Total depth was to 8,670 feet with perforations between 8,038 and 8,060 feet. Daily production is 13.3 barrels and 50 mcf. Work was finished February 10.

The G.T. Williamson No. 3 is in Section 24-18S-22W. Total depth was to 8,867 feet, with perforations between 6,782 and 8,588 feet. Daily production was 1.7 barrels and 4.7 mcf of gas. Work was finished February 10.

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