Jessica Crow received 12 years in prison.

Jessica Crow, who has a rap sheet loaded down with drug charges, got handed down a 12-year prison sentence by 13th District Judge David Talley last Thursday.

“She was supposed to go to rehab and as I understand she did not,” said Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Ryan Rainwater. “She was picked up seven months later and I would ask the court to proceed with sentencing.”

Public defender Jessica Yarbrough told Talley that Crow’s daughter was investigating finding a bed for her mother at a rehabilitation center.

“If the court was so inclined to give Crow rehab, that is typically the basis of her charges,” Yarbrough said. “I would ask the court for another opportunity for her to go to rehab.”

Talley asked Crow when she had last had a date to go to rehabilitation and she said April. He also asked if she had reached out to the center while in jail, and she said she had not.

Yarbrough then asked if her client could have the opportunity to go into drug court.

Rainwater again asked for the prison term.

“The state’s position is she had her opportunities, so we are asking for a term in the ADC (Arkansas Department of Correction,” Rainwater said.

Also Thursday, in a probation revocation case, Crow received a $1,000 fine along with other court costs and fees.

She received 7 years of suspended Imposition of sentencing in the other revocation of probation.

Another woman, Kellie Otwell, received a six-year prison term.

A legal document prepared by Prosecuting Attorney Jeffrey Rogers indicated that Otwell was placed on five years of probation, but broke that on several occasions.

More specially, on July 24, 2021, Columbia County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Todd Scott attempted to make a traffic stop of a gray Honda Accord Otwell was operating on McKissack Street in Waldo. Otwell disregarded emergency lights, the document read.

“The defendant fled in the vehicle at a high rate of speed through residential areas within the city of Waldo,” according to the document. “The defendant continued fleeing down Hwy 371, reaching speeds in excess of 100 mph and passing vehicles in no passing zones before she lost control of her vehicle on County Road 43, resulting in her striking a tree.”

Otwell was found to be in possession of a pipe used to ingest methamphetamine. At the time of those offenses, she had previously been convicted of at least two prior felony offenses.

Before her sentence, Otwell’s attorney asked for her to be able to go into a drug rehabilitation program, but Talley asked if she had completed the substance abuse program during her last prison sentence and she said no.

Talley said he had told her to do that and wondered aloud why she had not done that before applying for parole. Otwell said she served from Jan. 21, 2020, to June 17, 2020.

“I did what I was told to do,” she said. “…. I didn’t realize I had to go.”

Talley said he believed she should have gone through the program as it could have helped her after she got out of prison last time.

“Apparently you just can’t stay out of trouble because of drugs,” he said.

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