One Columbia County business has incorporated in the past week, according to the Arkansas Secretary of State.

South Arkansas business incorporations by county for the week ended Tuesday, May 31, 2022, according to the Arkansas Secretary of State.


Bottom Boy Services LLC, Jordan Johnarious Watson Sr., 1133 N. Olive St., Waldo filed 5/25/22.


J&M Farms of Emmet, LLC, Joshua T. Jones, 186 Nevada 227, Prescott filed 5/23/22.


Vell's Lawn Barbering Service, LLC, Audrey Tatum, 387 Winston St., Camden filed 5/24/22.

Barkhimer Farms LLC, Jamie Semple, 116 Agee SW, Camden filed 5/24/22.

Kathryn Speech-Language Pathology Services PLLC, Kathryn Knight, 112 Ouachita 525, Camden filed 5/25/22.

Riverside Gymnastics, Dance & Fitness, LLC, Brandy Garcia, 314 Ouachita 154, Camden filed 5/26/22.

Moore Bounce Rentals & Events, LLC, Markell Anderson, 3060 Cherokee, Camden filed 5/26/22.


Precious Pearls Outreach Inc, Denise Mack, 107 West Center St., Junction City filed 5/23/22.

SKV Consulting, LLC, Floyd Mattison Thomas III, 103 East Main St., Suite D, El Dorado filed 5/23/22.

December Distributions, Inc., John S. Benson, 1414 N. Jefferson Ave., El Dorado filed 5/24/22.

Feed Me Franchises LLC, Philip Dickerson, 311 South Madison, El Dorado filed 5/25/22.

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