Yolanda Adair will be back in court next month to face multiple charges.

Yolanda Adair, whose boyfriend originally accused her of shooting him, had a revocation hearing Thursday in Judge David Talley’s courtroom.

Deputy Prosecutor Ryan Rainwater pleaded for Adair, a habitual offender, to do time in prison for having her probation revoked. She received six years in the Arkansas Department of Corrections. She was originally put on probation on March 16, 2017 but has broken multiple rules of being on probation.

Adair will be back in court December 2 for her day in court after being accused of a terroristic act, domestic battering first degree I, use of a deadly weapon and possession of a firearm by certain persons. In addition, she faces charges on possession of methamphetamine found in a vehicle at 1202 Carver Street during a search. She was driving while having a license canceled, suspended, or revoked and drove left of the center line.

Talley said in all the additional charges other than revocation of probation, video needed to be secured for the additional alleged crimes.

Her one-time boyfriend, Fredrick Marshall, was called to testify about why he originally accused Adair of shooting him on Columbia Road 202 on May 23, 2021, while he was driving, according to the affidavit.

In court, Marshall told Rainwater he did make the allegation against Adair originally.

“I did but I shouldn’t have done it because I didn’t see her do it,” Marshall said from the stand. “I didn’t see her shoot me and I don’t want to press no charges.”

According to the affidavit, Adair told detectives she was certain she did not shoot Marshall and that she had been abused by him for a long time. Adair said she did not stay and wait for law enforcement when she heard the shot because she had warrants. Adair admitted she has a problem with methamphetamine.

Rainwater asked Marshall if he and Adair were having problems and he agreed they were, but that it “never had come to that,” regarding the shooting.

Marshall said he even went to the late Prosecuting Attorney David Butler to renege his story.

When pressed by Rainwater, who also asked Marshall if he had told another witness on scene who shot him, Marshall became frustrated.

“Man, once you get shot, you later change your mind,” Marshall said. “…It’s God’s honest trust, I do not have any more story to tell.”

Marshall described Adair as his “baby’s mama,” and said the shooting left him shocked, emotional, and scared.

“I’m still puzzled about how it happened so quick. I thought I seen her car, but I never seen her shoot me,” Marshall said.

In the affidavit, Marshall told Columbia County Sheriff’s Detectives that he was going to Columbia County Road 202 to visit his mother. He said he had texted Adair earlier in the evening. Marshall states that when he turned into the “hole,” on Columbia 202, Adair was traveling the opposite direction, out of the “hole.” Marshall stated Adair then exited her vehicle while he was driving outside the “hole,” and fired one round at him, striking him.

Detectives found two bullet fragments in the vehicle Marshall was driving. Detectives also found a spent 9-millimeter hull in the road of Columbia Road 202. The shell was freshly fired with no corrosion on it.

Marshall stated that his ex-girlfriend had been texting him the entire day and stated that she had gone to his mother’s house on Columbia Road 202. When she came to his vehicle, he left because he did not "want any problems with Adair."

“Marshall stated that Adair came to the vehicle and began to argue with him and shot him as he drove off,” the affidavit said. “Marshall stated that he has been attacked several times by Adair and that she has vandalized his vehicle several times. Marshall stated that Adair has pulled the 9-millimeter gun on him several times and has threatened him with it.”

But when Marshall took the stand Thursday in court, his story had changed, and he said he felt uncertain who had shot him.

Columbia County Sheriff’s Detective Leroy Martin, who has worked for that agency for 24 years, took the stand and said when he and other detectives were on scene that Martin did tell them Adair had shot him. However, later he reached out to Martin, and changed his story.

“He sounded remorseful and said he had more clarity,” Martin said. “He said he didn’t know who shot him. People in relationships make allegations and then change their mind.”

Rainwater asked Martin how he had seen people in relationships react to their mate after being assaulted by them.

“I’ve seen it both ways -- I’ve seen someone bust someone in the head with a brick and be back married the next day,” he said.

Rainwater also asked Martin if he had ever had anyone shoot themselves and allege someone else shot them.

Martin said that did happen in Taylor, once where a male victim pretended his partner had shot him, but he had shot himself.

“We caught him later and he was in so much pain he had to admit he was lying,” Martin said.

Talley asked him if he had been in contact with Adair since she had been in jail, and he said she calls him occasionally, and they talk.

“Mr. Marshall this is a court order and if you have any contact, you will be subject to being held in contempt of court,” Talley said.

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