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Columbia County marriage licenses through Friday, September 8, 2012 - Magnolia Reporter - Magnolia, Arkansas News: Public Records

Columbia County marriage licenses through Friday, September 8, 2012

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Posted: Saturday, September 8, 2012 8:00 am

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Marriage licenses issued in Columbia County in September 2012. The date is the day the license was issued. Most recent licenses are listed first.



Marriage licenses issued in Columbia County in August 2012. The date is the day the license was issued. Most recent licenses are listed first.


Paris Deshaad Nelson, 22, of El Dorado and Jamillah Raquel Hawkins, 22, of Long Beach, Mississippi, August 31.

Andrew Scott Staggs, 21, of Waldo, and Ashley Renee Seaton, 20, of Waldo, August 31.

Charles Michael Holtzclaw, 40, of Taylor, and Stacy Lea Pearson, 33, of Taylor, August 21.

Lereco Antonio Young, 23, of Magnolia, and Hope Ann Williams, 24, of Waldo, August 20.

Rodney Guy Ellis, 39, of Waldo, and Jennifer Lynn Smith, 37, of Waldo, August 17.

Michael Wayne Boggan, 20, of Magnolia, and Lanie Marie Greeley, 17, of Magnolia, August 17.

Lawrence Lavert Harden, 24, of Magnolia, and Kinwania Jackson, 31, of Magnolia, August 10.

Jeremy Micah Cooper, 24, of Sarepta, Louisiana and Lendi Shelaine Sikes, 24, of Sarepta, August 10.

Justin Tyler Moore, 20, of Magnolia, and Dena Margaret Starks, 18, of Magnolia, August 9.

Jackie Tyrone Gipson, 39, of Waldo and Sonya Renea Smith, 35, of Waldo, August 9.

Marriage licenses issued in Columbia County in July 2012. The date is the day the license was issued. Most recent licenses are listed first.

Jesus Omar Cera Cera, 29, of Shreveport, La., and Shy Ann Carwile, 19, of Magnolia, July 31.

Tyrone Bernard Wells Sr., 50, of Waldo, and Demetris Shunta Sharp, 41, of Waldo, July 30.

Stephen Hudson, 24, of Greenwood, La., and Aleah Nicole Davis, 27, of Shreveport, July 30.

Derren J. Domingue, 44, of Lafayette, La., and Marilyn D. Broussard, 49, of Lafayette, La., July 30.

Stephen Kelley Love, 37, of Texarkana, Texas and Tracie Joe Fontaine, 27, of Texarkana, Texas, July 27.

Michael Paul Davidson, 33, of Camden, and Tiffanie Gail Perry, 34, of Camden, July 27.

Treyley Kentreed Talley, 22, of Magnolia and Jessica S. McKinney, 22, of Magnolia, July 26.

Louis Manuel Turner, 51, of Magnolia, and Paulette Morgan, 49, of Magnolia, July 25.

Jerry Lee Rose, 54, of Fargo, N.D., and Michelle Louise Onstad, 59, of Fargo, N.D., July 24.

Stephen Bell, 22, of Stamps and Codi Lynn Floyd, 20, of Stamps. July 13.

Elquina Jose Easter, 51, of Magnolia and Amy Williamson, 48, of Taylor, July 18.

Richard Allan Davis, 25, of Magnolia, and Apiphinee La’chedra Phillips, 22, of Magnolia, July 13.

Stephen Bell, 22, of Stamps and Codi Lynn Floyd, 20, of Stamps, July 13.

Christopher M. Jameyfield, 35, of Magnolia and Molly Ann Gurnes, 24, of Magnolia, July 9.

Andrew Marshall Jr., 47, of Waldo, and Carolyn Miller, 44, of Waldo, July 6.

Robert Ross, 43, of Magnolia and Marcee Elise Holly, 33, of Magnolia, July 6.

Charles Conway Sneed, 34, of McNeil and Kimberly Ann Cassidy, 34, of Magnolia, July 3.

Clifton Ray Johnson, 62, of Wichita, Kansas and Yvonne Creer Modica, 62, of Magnolia, July 2.

Michael Corey Byrd, 22, of Magnolia, and Jeri Danielle Frunzi, 19, of Magnolia, July 2.

Joshua Samuel Burns, 22, of Magnolia, and Hannan Catherine Adams, 21, of Texarkana, July 2.

Marriage licenses issued in Columbia County in June 2012. The date is the day the license was issued. Most recent licenses are listed first.

Jamal Deshun Kelley, 22, of Magnolia, and Carla Latresha Ferguson, 28, of Magnolia, June 29.

Billy J. Tucker, 65, of Magnolia, and Edith W. Bradford, 56, of Magnolia, June 28.

Clarence E. Lewis, 48, of Magnolia, and Dana A. Samful, 37, of Magnolia, June 28.

Darren Keith Thomas, 31, of Oak Ridge, La., and Jennifer Diane Stiles, 40, of Magnolia, June 25.

David Stone, 56, of Camden and Jessica Jane Westfall, 40, of Magnolia, June 25.

Jeffery Paul Thornton, 42, of Magnolia and Linda Sue Dudley, 39, of Magnolia, June 22.

Eric Lamont Smith, 34, of Magnolia, and Camesha Rachelle Carter, 29, of Magnolia, June 22.

Sammie L. Caldwell, 70, of Magnolia, and Ruth Ann Casey, 66, of Magnolia, June 21.

Logan Kyle Taylor, 21, of Taylor and Amanda Jean Stephens, 19, of Taylor, June 18.

Henry Allen Cornett, 59, of Emerson, and Eugenia Anne Henry, 59, of North Little Rock, June 18.

Robert Daniel Taylor, 20, of Stamps and Amber Nicole Mitchell, 19, of Magnolia. June 15.

Joshua Delano Meadors, 20, of Magnolia, and Marley Iman Willis, 19, of Magnolia, June 15.

Michael Douglas Davis Jr., 23, of De Kalb, Texas, and Brooke Nicole Maloch, 23, of Magnolia. June 15.

Preston Scott Tye, 32, of Magnolia, and Farran LaNell Hanson, 24, of Emerson. June 14.

James H. Boykin Jr., 38, of Emerson, and Rebecca Wilson, 37, of Emerson. June 14.

Geary Fitzpatrick Brown, 27, of Magnolia, and Lowanda D. Brown, 29, of Magnolia, June 13.

Donald Wayman Pharr, 60, of Emerson and Amy Juanita Ratcliff, 48, of Emerson, June 11.

Derrell Wayne Haynes, 46, of Waldo and Teresa Faye Boyd, 45, of Fayetteville, June 8.

Benjamin E. Sewell, 35, of Taylor and Jenny Lynn Sprayberry, 37, of Emerson, June 7.

Robert Earl Jefferson, 39 of El Doardo and Kimi Contessa McDonald, 40, of Magnolia, June 7.

Kevin Deangelo Box, 20, of Waldo and Tameka Montress Beasley, 23, of Waldo, June 4.

Jay Eric King, 43, of Lewisville and Cindia Diane Bullock, 40, of Bradley, June 4.

Eric Leroy Walker, 38, of Sibley, Louisiana and Sonya Marie Hart, 33, of Minden, Louisiana, June 1.

Jeffrey Eric Kramer, 48, of Hideaway, Texas, and Alicia Ellen Robbins, 47, of Garden Valley, Texas, June 1.

Marriage licenses issued in Columbia County in May 2012. The date is the day the license was issued. Most recent licenses are listed first.

Matthew Paul Ramos, 28, of Magnolia and Stephanie E. Brown, 31, of Magnolia, May 31.

Uche Patrick Nwali, 29, of Magnolia and Linda Masamba, 27, of Magnolia, May 29.

Michael Edward McWilliams, 50, of Emerson and Emily Michelle Brown, 37, of Magnolia, May 29.

David Shane Berryman, 32, of McFarland, California and Crystal Desiree McCullough, 29, of McFarland, California, May 29.

Cory Ray Phillips, 21, of Magnolia, and Jessica Ann Barnett, 19, of Magnolia, May 25.

Billy T. Thornton, 64, of Magnolia, and Brenda Thornton, 56, of Magnolia, May 24.

William Tatum III, 26, of Pine Bluff, and Alyse Nicole Rabun, 26, of Pine Bluff, May 24.

Thomas Duane Bradley, 23, of Emerson and Lacy James Ludlam, 18, of Haynesville, May 22.

Matthew Lain Watson, 25, of Minden, La., and Malory Chistin Williams, 24, of Minden, La., May 22.

Toby M. Hux, 34, of Magnolia, and Leslie Alice Story, 40, of Magnolia, May 22.

Ivan Odea Speakman, 46, of Magnolia and Kimberly Gay Gatlin, 44, of Magnolia, May 18.

Barry Ray Wallace, 60, of Magnolia and Rosanne Mack, 57, of Nashville, May 18.

Jimmy Wayne Humphries, 43, of Pollock, La., and Cheryl Ann Maier, 41, of Pollock, La., May 18.

Christopher Ronald Evans, 22, of Magnolia, and Katherine JoAnn Ruark, 23, of Magnolia, May 18.

George Henry Ransford, 70, of Magnolia, and Christiana Carroll, 53, of Emerson, May 14.

Kenneth W. Barlow, 43, of Magnolia, and Brandy Melissa Sander, 36, of Magnolia, May 11.

Lawrence C. Jones, 73, of Stamps, and Vanessa Diane Moore, 27, of Stamps, May 10.

Donald Wray Hughes, 21, of Magnolia, and Courtney Michelle Riddick, 19, of Magnolia, May 10.

Kentray Laray Christopher, 26, of Magnolia, and Shauntia Shavonne Shaw, 26, of Magnolia, May 10.

Richard Earl Watson, 67, of Buckner and Loyce Lee Wise, 53, of Waldo, May 9.

Steven Patrick Moore, 35, of Waldo and Amy Lynn Hendricks, 37, of Waldo, May 9.

Michael Samuel Harwell, 22, of Magnolia, and Kaylee Ann Jones, 21, of Magnolia, May 9.

Roger Earl Woods, 39, of Taylor, and Mary Jo Taylor, 30, of Taylor, May 8.

Max Christopher Story, 42, of Magnolia, and Hannah Marie Sabo, 25, of Waldo, May 7.

Patrick Junior Morrison, 26, of McNeil and Amber Lynn James, 35, of McNeil, May 7.

Chance Orell Oneal, 24, of Magnolia, and Kayla-Brittany Dodson, 22, of Magnolia, May 4.

Undra Demond Martin, 37, of Magnolia, and Temeka R. Jones, 31, of Sherwood, May 3.

Joshua Alan Jones, 24, of Magnolia, and Kelsi Nicole Hunter, 21, of Magnolia, May 1.

Marriage licenses issued in Columbia County in April 2012. The date is the day the license was issued. Most recent licenses are listed first.

Cody Wayne Reep, 19, of Hermitage, and Dana Noel Spencer, 18, of Warren, April 30.

Michael Joe Goodwin, 50, of Rosston, and Kathy Marie Richards, 27 of Waldo, April 30.

Eric Alan Bailey, 43, of Waldo, and Dusti Carol Wyrick, 41, of Magnolia, April 30.

Michell Juan Moss, 44, of Magnolia and Darlene Yvonne Bryant, 50, of Magnolia, April 27.

Devin Clay Alexander, 25, of Tyler, Texas and LaShunda Renee Crowder, 25, of Tyler, April 27.

Billy C. Kelley III, 20, of Magnolia, and Brittney Nicole Mayberry, 19, of Magnolia, April 26.

Matthew Wayne Kelley, 18, of Magnolia and Tiffany Dawn Knight, 19, of Magnolia, April 26.

Christopher Shaun Wilson, 33, of Magnolia, and Mary Fay Moore, 24, of Magnolia, April 23.

Aaron B. Westfall, 32, of Magnolia, and Jodie Renee Dean, 26, of Magnolia, April 20.

Steven Donald Jones, Hot Springs National Park, 27, and Stefanie Danielle White, 26, Hot Springs National Park, 26, April 20.

Lamar Leon Martin, 33, of Magnolia and Emily Jean Wilson, 27, of Magnolia, April 13.

Joseph Wayne McIntyre Jr, 44, of Shreveport, La., and Amanda Jane Lamb, 36, of Magnolia, April 11.

Ryan Wesley Andrews, 24, of Shongaloo, La., and Jennifer Elizabeth Holley, 30, of Shongaloo, April 11.

Robert Edward Smith, 47, of Waldo and Marilyn Gregory Norman, 40, of Waldo, April 9.

Seth Bennom Otwell, 22, of Magnolia and Kayla Deann Howerton, 19, of Magnolia, April 9.

William Marcus Kramar Jr., 21, of Waldo, and Chelse Belle Davis, 21, of Waldo, April 5.

Jimmy Wayne Dillon, 25, of Sarepta, La., and Gina L. Butler, 33, of Sarepta, April 5.

William Ricky Bradshaw, 55, of Marion, La., and Tonya Traylor Mosley, 48, of Marion, April 5.

Rusty Daniels Armstrong, 21, of Magnolia, and Bianca Michelle White, 21, of Magnolia.

James R. Knighton, 85, of Buckner, and Edna F. McDonald, 72, of Stamps, April 4.

Julius J. Dickens Jr., 42, of Springhill, La., and Penny Farley, 40, of Stamps, April 3.

John Sterling Gill, 33, of Waldo and Cassie Nicole Young, 24, of Waldo, April 2.

Ivy Welton Alexander Jr., 57, of Dallas and Sherry La’Gale Watson, 53, of Mesquite, Texas, April 2.

Marriage licenses issued in Columbia County in March 2012. The date is the day the license was issued. Most recent licenses are listed first.

Tekevion Vontrez Belcher, 23, of Magnolia, and Lafen Tiffany Evans, 22, of Magnolia, March 30.

Jason Dwayne Hamlin, 25, of Taylor and Krista J. Williamson, 25, of Taylor, March 30.

Keiko Cenard Brantley, 39, of Springhill, La., and Effie Marie Ashton, 41, of Shreveport, La., March 29.

Jonathan R. Millican, 37, of Stamps, and Casey Morgan Farris, 30, of Magnolia, March 28.

James Travis Waller, 31, of Magnolia, and Alice Caroline Talbot, 28, of Magnolia, March 27.

David Richard Martin, 62, of Hope, and Linda Fay Martin, 54, of Hope, March 27.

Taylor Jay Scott Sullivan, 20, of Magnolia, and Samantha Lauren Black, 22, of Magnolia, March 21.

Timothy Shane Dickey, 21, of Cotton Valley, La., and Erica Marie Morgan, 23, of Memphis, Tenn., March 21.

Justin Martez Sears, 23, of Magnolia, and Sasha Mariene Byers, 23, of Stephens, March 16.

Mitchell Hoyt Strother, 23, of Taylor and Danielle Rae Hill, 23, of Taylor, March 16.

Hayden Thomas Foster, 21, of Magnolia, and Brittany Nicole Ellis, 22, of Magnolia, March 16.

Lyndell Franklin, 53, of Magnolia, and Stephanie Renee Chestang, 44, of Magnolia, March 13.

John Brett Blair, 24, of McNeill, and Shelby Ann McWilliams, 20, of Magnolia, March 13.

Neil Aaron Blakley, 26, of Stamps, and Laura Sue Brown, 31, of Buckner, March 9.

Richard Nicholas Wright, 28, of Hayneville, La., and Melissa Lynn Tims, 30, of Haynesville, March 9.

Lucas Aaron Dowling, 18, of McNeil, and Lauren Elizabeth Gilmer, 19, of McNeil, March 6.

Marriage licenses issued in Columbia County in February 2012. The date is the day the license was issued. Most recent licenses are listed first.

Kerrwynn Brayven Wesson, 33, of McNeil, and Courtney Sade Whitaker, 23, of McNeil, Feb. 29.

Samuel Joseph Jacobs, 41, of Springhill, La., and DeAnna Lynn May, 34, of Camden, Feb. 28.

Franklin Tochukwu Duruobasa, 25, of Magnolia, and Evelyn Marie Henry, 45, of Magnolia, Feb. 28.

Robbie C. McCallie, 31, of Magnolia, and Shannon Lee Oglesby, 27, of Magnolia, Feb. 24.

Dexter Tyrone Davis, 31, of Magnolia, and Shanece Chana Washington, 22, of Waldo, Feb. 24.

Ronnie Earl Stockwell Jr., 32, of Haynesville, La., and Krystal Nicole Hardaway, 23, of Haynesville, Feb. 22.

Lonnie Thurman Teague Jr., 34, of Buckner, and Marcia Lynn Brigham, 31, of Waldo, Feb. 17.

Joshua Nathan Pennington, 27, of Magnolia, and Heather Michelle Pennington, 25, of Magnolia, Feb. 16.

Keon Montreal Henry, 27, of Magnolia, and Latoya Morgan Turner, 24, of Magnolia, Feb. 16.

Paul H. Lewis, 39, of Magnolia, and Eanda Shunta Cooper, 40, of Magnolia, Feb. 15

Floyd Dandre Rowden, 28, of Waldo, and LaQuanda Denise Cornelious, 25, of Waldo, Feb. 14.

Johnny Ray Murria Jr., 43, of Magnolia, and Nakeitha Latoria Alexander, 35, of Magnolia, Feb. 14.

Cortez Sharod McBride, 20, of Chidester and Robin Arriel Curry, 21, of Magnolia, Feb. 14.

Donald W. Greer, 61, of El Dorado and Linda C. Foster, 64, of El Dorado, Feb. 14.

Romantray Lemar Curry, 28, of Magnolia, and Dominique Devereaux Robinson, 26, of Magnolia, Feb. 14.

Charles Williams Jr., 32, of Little Rock, and Jamnetha M. Williamson, 38, of Magnolia, Feb. 10.

Bill Burch Rowe, 31, of Emerson, and Marla Brown, 41, of Emerson, Feb. 10.

Donnie Lovett, 28, of McNeil and Katrina Flowers, 32, of McNeil, Feb. 10.

John Oliver Alford, 64, of Lewisville and Essie Dean Tucker, 52, of Lewisville, Feb. 10.

Charlie Ray Williams Jr., 26, of Magnolia, and Sahrria Ronshea Lewis, 32, of Magnolia, Feb. 9.

Derrick Perez Scott, 44, of Magnolia, and Robin Ellis Williams, 42, of Magnolia, Feb. 7.

Carl William Hanson, 68, of Stamps, and Freeda Sellman Jameson, 65, of Stamps, Feb. 7.

Joshua Aaron Brown, 25, of Taylor, and Latashu Lanee Peek, 26, of Taylor, Feb. 7.

Christopher Scott Marlar, 33, of Rosston, and Terrah G. Brown, 33, of Rosston, Feb. 6.

Richard Wayne Carson, 47, of El Dorado, M. Jane Taylor Legg, 50, of El Dorado, Feb. 3.

Cedric Lamont Sears, 37, of Magnolia, and Kesha Nicole Frazier, 28, of Magnolia, Feb. 1.

Michael D. McDonald, 32, of Taylor, and Melissa Wallace Covington, 27, of Taylor, Feb. 1.

Marriage licenses issued in Columbia County in January 2012. The date is the day the license was issued. Most recent licenses are listed first.

Derek D. Johnson, 21, of Magnolia, and Lasonia Ruth Murphy, 25, of Magnolia, Jan. 27.

Joshua Nathaniel Willeford, 35, of El Dorado and Hillary Thomason Carter, 29, of Magnolia, Jan. 24.

Larry D. Porchia, 28, of Stephens and Teressa Adair, 36, of Stephens, Jan. 23.

Paul Matthew Smoke Murphy, 25, of Magnolia and Shimika Rena Price, 28, of Magnolia, Jan. 23.

Rickey Lee Daniels, 42, of Magnolia, and Kizzy Lashon Leslie, 33, of Magnolia, Jan. 23.

Daniel Lee Brown, 36, of Emerson and Lorena Enciso Sangama, 25, of Emerson, January 13.

William Martin Dodson, 45, of Taylor and Joana Sue Jones, 31, of Magnolia, January 12.

Ben A. White, 51, of Shongaloo, La., and Glenda Fay Graves, 52, of Shongaloo, La., January 11.

Russell Lee Cato, 28, of Sarepta, La., and Connie Jean Andrus, 27, of Sarepta, January 10.

Donald Ray Barge, 36, of Waldo, and Shirley Jean Venard, 42 of Haynesville, La., January 10.

Tommy Ray Jackson, 57, of Waldo and Katherine Dee Pipkin, 50, of Stephens, January 9.

Nicholas Eugene Green, 40, of Magnolia, and Sheila Romano Ellis, 30, of Magnolia, January 6.

James Allen McDaniel, 29, of Magnolia, and Emily Anne Murphy, 22, of Magnolia, January 5.

Sidney D. Hampton, 38, of Magnolia, and Shikita D. Gilbert, 34, of Magnolia, January 3.

Marriage licenses issued in Columbia County in December 2011. The date is the day the license was issued. Most recent licenses are listed first.

Deandre Rashad Todd, 21, of Magnolia, and Shakedria Jenyce Parker, 19, of Magnolia, December 30.

Charles Albert Haynes, 28, of Magnolia and Brandy Lucille Wilson, 20, of Magnolia, December 30.

David Adam Wallace, 33, of Sarepta, La., and Tiffanie Dawn Bass, 37, of Sarepta, December 29.

Murrell Renfro, 66, of Gilmer, Texas and Catherine Bowman Walton, 61, of Gilmer, December 29.

Quentin Lamar Jackson, 31, of Killeen, Texas, and Chiquita Latonia Cooper, 25, of Waldo, Dec. 25.

James Tristan Ray Hudson, 23, of Magnolia, and Brittany Erin Thorn, 21, of Magnolia, Dec. 22.

Antonio Martez Spencer, 25, of Waldo, and Demitrus Raquel Robinson, 33, of Waldo, Dec. 20.

Malcomb David Lewis, 42, of Magnolia and Sebrena Ann Gill, 34, of Waldo, December 20.

Porter Ratliff, 79, of Springhill, La., and Leore L. Bissell, 87, of Springhill, December 19.

Haine Ying, 27, of Magnolia, and Jingsi Hu, 23, of Magnolia, Dec. 15.

Jason William Hearne, 22, of Calhoun, La., and Jacklyn Danielle Cummings, 20, of West Monroe, La., Dec. 15.

Jamie Chad Brandon, 40, of Magnolia, and Lydia Iris Rees, 35, of Magnolia, Dec. 15.

Daniel Dewayne Carter Jr., 26, of Magnolia, and Kristen Hayley McKinney, 19, of Magnolia, Dec. 2.

Marriage licenses issued in Columbia County in November 2011. The date is the day the license was issued. Most recent licenses are listed first.

Terrence Caron Robinson, 21, of Magnolia and Shamekia Hunter, 29, of Magnolia, Nov. 29.

Charles Allen Holt, 26, of Waldo and Jessica Ann McClendon, 25, of Waldo, Nov. 28.

Jeremy Andrew Langley, 26, of Magnolia and Mary Claudette Ehrhardt, 23, of Hope, Nov. 23.

Rocky Lane Farrington, 33, of Benton, La., and Jessica Jorden Wallis, 34, of Benton, Nov.22.

Matthew Dale Edwards, 27, of Athens, La., and Nancy Brianne Woods, 28, of Athens, Nov. 22.

Walter V. Smith, 47, of Stephens and Ashley Ann Pickering, 31, of Stephens, Nov. 18.

Gerald Dwight Howard II, 23, of Magnolia and Olivia Michelle McCloy, 23, of Magnolia, Nov.18.

John Daniel Thomas III, 48, of Texarkana and Jasmine Sterling Watkins, 24, of Texarkana, Nov. 16.

Ronald Lee Payne, 59, of Stephens and Dianne Groves, 65, of Stephens, Nov.16.

Russell Wayne Spivey, 31, of Buckner and Lacy Angelica Holt, 23, of Stamps, Nov. 15.

Anthony Davis Jr., 22, of Magnolia and Chen Frante Walker, 21, of Magnolia, Nov. 15.

Charles Wesley Wimberly Jr., 28, of Minden, La., and Melynda Howell Bell, 27, of Minden, Nov. 14.

Carlos Villegas-Pedroza, 24, of El Dorado, and Laura Leticia Lopez-Alonso, 19, of Magnolia, Nov.14.

Richard Eric Segraves, 48, of Magnolia, and Amanda Kay Dillon, 25, of Magnolia, Nov. 9.

Bobby Lee Henderson Jr., 45, of Buckner and Artis Faye Messer, 45, of Buckner, Nov. 9.

James Franklin Mayberry, 23, of Waldo and Terri Lynn Fort, 33, of Waldo, Nov. 8.

Taurean Da’mu Ward, 22, of Eudora and Kimberly Michelle Tyler, 22, of Magnolia, Nov. 7.

Jessie Deshawn Heard, 30, of Stephens, and Patrice Nicole McKinney, 27, of Stephens, Nov. 4.

Allen Coradarro Glover, 24, of Magnolia and Arleen Smith, 44, of Magnolia, Nov. 4.

Jeremy J. English, 27, of Shreveport, La., and Flakasha Katherine Boyd, 27, of Shreveport, Nov. 4.

Thomas Wayne Wyrick, 42, of Magnolia, and Shannon Latrice Bunn, 29, of Magnolia, Nov. 3.

Jason Bert Yarbrough, 36, of El Dorado and Alisha Donese Breland, 32, of Spearsville, La., Nov. 2.

Marriage licenses issued in Columbia County in October 2011. The date is the day the license was issued. Most recent licenses are listed first.

Christopher Brandon Williamson, 26, of Magnolia and Enchanttra Celeste Lambert, 23, of Magnolia, Oct. 31.

Jarod Dwayne Smith, 36, of LaPorte, Texas, and Becky Marlar Shaw, 34, of Star City, Texas, 34, Oct. 28.

Bobby Ray Smith, 41, of Magnolia, and Nikita Denise Primm, 44, of Magnolia, Oct. 28.

Anthony Teray Larue, 45, of Springhill, La., and Selima Latess Locke, 40, of Springhill, Oct. 28.

Richard L. Hall, 51, of Magnolia, and Sharris Patrice Cook, 50, of Magnolia, Oct. 28.

Charles Hall, 78, of Stephens, and Martha Ann S. Dodson, 64, of McNeil, Oct. 28.

Justin Daniel Floyd, 28, of San Diego, Calif., and Lesley Dyan Butler, 23, of Magnolia, Oct. 27.

Sean T. Wingfield, 38, of Magnolia, and Tara Lanai Kuykendall, Oct. 26.

Ronald R. Whittington Jr., 39, of Springhill, La., and Ashley Nichole Carroll, 26, of Springhill, Oct. 25.

David Lee Richards, 60, of Magnolia, and Marsha McWilliams, 49, of Magnolia, Oct. 25.

Michael Damon Bonner, 44, of Taylor and Jennifer Joy Hood, 38, of Taylor, Oct. 25.

Terell Mourice Bradford, 33, of Magnolia, and Verone Tyrette Moore, 39, of Magnolia, Oct. 24.

Joseph Brandon Modisette, 24, of Minden, La., and Krytall Faye Murphy, 21, of Minden, Oct. 21.

Steven Lee Wingfield, 31, of Stamps and Alice M. Wingfield, 38, of Stamps, Oct. 19.

Derrick T. Jurls, 28, of Magnolia and Bobbie Dannette Stiles, 28, of Magnolia, Oct. 13.

John Henry Curry, 29, of McNeil and Ashley Yvonne Devereaux, 24, of McNeil, Oct. 12.

Todd H. Moore, 46, of Sarepta, and Rhonda Renee Hansbrough, 41, of Sarepta, Oct. 11.

Coy Aubrey Brown, 28, of Magnolia, and Shannon Gray Meinecke, 32, of Magnolia, Oct. 10.

Michael Casey Williams, 28, of Magnolia, and Jamie Frances Thompson, 24, of Magnolia, Oct. 7.

Lucas Cole Nailey, 22, of West Monroe, La., and Ashlea Kate Richardson, 21, of West Monroe, Oct. 7.

Jose Ramiro Gonzales Rodrigues, 23, of Magnolia, and Jacqueline Rennee May, 19, of Magnolia, Oct. 3.

Marriage licenses issued in Columbia County in September 2011. The date is the day the license was issued. Most recent licenses are listed first:

Jonathan David Fullenwider, 34, of Magnolia, and Lori Katherine White, 41, of Magnolia, Sept. 30.

Curtis Lee Costley, 44, of Dallas, Texas, and Latacha Deshon Brewer, 33, of Bedford, Texas, Sept. 30.

Michael Don Braswell, 35, of Magnolia, and Kimberly Lynn Roberson, 28, of Magnolia, Sept. 28.

Jerry Lynn Ferguson Jr., 25, of Magnolia, and Latasha Marlonna Smith, 33, of Magnolia, Sept. 26.

Lanny Kenneth Allen, 39, of Fouke, and Amber Yvette Sharp, 25, of Malvern, Sept. 26.

Douglas Wayne Gallander, 43, of Bogata, Texas, and Jennifer Kay Saucedo, 38, of Magnolia, Sept. 24.

Daniel Rivas Jr., 58, of Wimberley, Texas, and Carol Chiasson Clemens, 55, of Wimberley, Sept. 23.

Charles P. Cross IV, 30, of Waldo, and Amy Wilson Albin, 41, of Magnolia, Sept. 23.

Robert Paul Bailey, 42, of Shreveport, La., and Erin Marie Harvey, 41, of Shreveport, Sept. 23.

Jerry J. Reich II, 39, of McNeil and Patti S. Ammons, 41, of McNeil, Sept. 21.

Preston Minor Webb, 28 of Lawson and Ashlee Nichole Dodson, 28, of Magnolia, Sept. 16.

Toney Darron Roberson, 40, of Rosston, and Nakeyema Danielle Coleman, 33, of Rosston, Sept. 16.

Landon Phillip Dick, 30, of Taylor, and Shea Daniell Elkins, 36, of Taylor, Sept. 26.

Eldrick Larmar Clayton, 21, of Magnolia, and Elizabeth Anne Allen, 22, of Magnolia, Sept. 15.

Lonnie Wayne Bishop, 43, of Shongaloo, La., and Christina Michelle Cole, 26, of Shongaloo, La., Sept. 15.

Larry Dewayne Shocklee, 37, of Stephens, and Chasity Dawn Demorrow, 30, of Stephens, Sept. 13.

Ryan Gregory Rogers, 28, of Little Rock, and Hannah Leigh Nail, 26, of Magnolia, Sept. 12.

Eric Lamar Garland, 28, of Magnolia, and Antoinette Nasha Wise, 29, of Killeen, Texas, Sept. 9.

William Colby Dalrymple, 27, of Shreveport, La., and Valerie E. Laney, 26, of Magnolia, Sept. 7.

Jarvis Leonal Doss, 25, of Magnolia, and Brittney Shaw Vazquez, 19 of, of De Queen, Sept. 2.

Alvin Stephen Cross, 43, of McNeill, and Tequilla Kenyatta Pace, 36, of McNeil, Sept. 2.

Marriage licenses issued in Columbia County in August 2011. The date is the day the license was issued. Most recent licenses are listed first:

Anthony Ray Hampton, 38, of McNeil, and Cotina Michellle Chapman, 39, of McNeil, Aug. 26.

Edward Marm Carlton, 40, of Emerson and Darlene Raquel Adams, 40, of Tacoma, Wash., Aug. 26

Michael Scott Young, 29, of Magnolia, and Hannah Ruth Senn, 24, of El Dorado, Aug. 24.

Kyle Hill, 18, of McNeil, and Kaby Angellica Cherry, 20, of McNeil, Aug. 24.

Robert Lynn Linton, 22, of Waldo, and Aspyn Lee Soden, 21, of Waldo, Aug. 23.

Herbert Phillips, 82, of Magnolia, and Mary W. Sutton, 78, of Magnolia, Aug. 78.

Barry Leroy McMillen, 63, of Oklahoma City, Okla., and Peggy Jean McMillen, 48, of Niceville, Fla., Aug. 22.

Brandon Kyle Kumpe, 25, of Magnolia, and Megan Renae Morgan, 22, of Magnolia, Aug. 22.

James Glen Hunt, 50, of Foreman, and Serena Marie Potter, 46, of Foreman, Aug. 22.

Chris Wayne Adams, 38, of Taylor, and Lynn Michele Oglee, 40, of Taylor, Aug. 19.

Demaius Fredrick Grantt, 29, of Magnolia, and Claudette Deborah Moss, 30, of Waldo, Aug. 11.

Jacob Cotton Powell, 26, of Waldo, and Erica Marie Hudgeons, 21, of Waldo, Aug. 8.

John Wesley Vaughan Jr., 28, of Emerson and Justina Woodland Austin, 24, of Emerson, Aug. 5.

Russell Wayne Herring, 45, of Waldo and Glenda Elaine Neal, 45, of Waldo, Aug. 5.

Justin Thomas Wooley, 24, of Magnolia, and Taylor Marie Murphy, 21, of Magnolia, Aug. 4.

Donnie Ray Sanders Jr., 28, of Waldo, and Ramona Monique Davis, 26, of Camden, Aug. 4.

Kelvin Lemone Davis, 35, of Lancaster, Texas, and Tierra Tene Lambert, 30, of Waldo, August 2.

Marriage licenses issued in Columbia County in July 2011. The date is the day the license was issued. Most recent licenses are listed first:

Jayce Patrick Simmons, 32, of Taylor, and Crystal Gayle Hodge, 31, of Taylor, July 29.

Tillman R. Hunter II, 28, of Magnolia, and Samantha Kathleen Fallin, 21, of Magnolia, July 29.

Dalvin Dewayne Lewis, 34, of El Dorado, and Creshuana Latrece Tate, 37, of El Dorado, July 26.

Robert Craig Stanley, 38, of El Dorado, and Diana Amber Fletcher, 40, of Magnolia, July 25.

Daniel Jason Holtzclaw, 37, of Magnolia and Malisa Gale Gosvenor, 31, of Magnolia, July 22.

Roger Wayne Guidry, 27, of Doyline, La., and Marcie Leann Martindale, 37, of Nashville, July 22.

Mark A. Brown, 52, of Minden, La., and Gina M. Sproles, 50, of Minden, July 22.

Brent William Atkinson, 31, of Magnolia and Stephanie Michele Vaughan, 30, of Magnolia, July 21.

Johnathan Eugene Budwah, 35, of Taylor, and Stacy Dubois Hayden, 37, of Taylor, July 18.

Lawotha Lavert Jones, 28, of Magnolia, and Lorian D. McGraw, 28, of Magnolia, July 15.

Wayne D. Jacobs, 50, of Plain Dealing, La., and Regina White Williams, 47, of Springhill, La., July 15.

Billy Wayne Gilbert II, 20, of Haynesville, La., and Kimberley Ilene Davidson, 20, of Haynesville, July 15.

Joshua Scott Strickland, 29, of Minden, La., and Ashley Nichole Slaughter, 25, of Minden, La., July 14.

Evan Cody Savoy, 24, of Magnolia, and Bethanie Alena Brooks, 21, of Magnolia, July 13.

Jarrod Kyle D. Russell, 21, of Magnolia, and Carmen Lynn Rounsavall, 21, of Magnolia, July 13.

Michael D. Sanchez, 27, of Gun Barrel City, Texas, and Angela Michelle Franco, 26, of El Dorado, July 12.

Cedrick D. Tidwell, 36, of Magnolia, and Brandon Lashunna S. Tidwell, 35, of Waldo, July 8.

Kenny Wayne Whiddon, 38, of Magnolia, and Richael Nicole Johnson, 30, of Magnolia, July 6.

Kennedy Dwayne Ford Jr., 27, of Stamps, and Ayla Meesha McDonald, 19, of Stamps, July 6.

Michael Austin Vaughn, 22, of Waldo, and Hope Michael Allene Fogo, 18, of Magnolia, July 1.

Johnny Wade Otwell, 51, of Taylor, and Anita Ann Wood, 37, of Taylor, July 1.

James Charles McBride, 52, of Magnolia, and Sharon Denise Scott, 46, of Magnolia, July 1.

Chase Alden Emerson, 21, of Emerson, and Amy Celeste White, 20, of Magnolia, July 1.

Samuel L. Bearden, 32, of Magnolia, and Kari Lynn Richards, 26, of Magnolia, July 1.

Marriage licenses issued in Columbia County in June 2011. The date is the day the license was issued. Most recent licenses are listed first:

Kenneth Wayne Wilkerson, 51, of Magnolia, and Marie Lynn May, 48, of Magnolia, June 29.

Kenny Ray Leaks, 42, of Magnolia, and Nettie Marie Smith, 47, of Magnolia, June 28.

Brandon Dwayne Hegwood, 29, of Waldo, and Sharon Reenee Smith, 48, of Waldo, June 28.

LaPierre Andre Jones, 43, of Little Rock, and Florida Jean McBride, 49, of Magnolia, June 24.

John Franklin Dodson, 29, of Waldo, and Jackie Lanette Reeves, 32, of Waldo, June 24.

David Wade Budwah, 36, of Springhill, La., and Sara E. Scott, 41, of Springhill, La., June 41.

Roger Dale Hamilton, 29, of Springhill, La., and Caroline Wright, 35, of Waskom, Texas, June 23.

Justin Mitchell Eddy, 22, of Magnolia, and Brittney Lynn Shelton, 18, of Magnolia, June 21.

Shane Paul Freeman, 44, Magnolia, and Lola M. Acklin, 30, Magnolia, June 13.

Dennis Ray Beasley, 50, Magnolia, and Laneta Marie Wright, 44, Magnolia, June 10.

Michael Paul Kelley, 35, of Waldo, and Jessica Nicole Larey, 25, of Waldo, June 10.

Dennis Ray Beasley, 50, of Magnolia, and Laneta Marie Wright, 44, of Magnolia, June 10.

Joe K. Gunnels, 72, of Magnolia, and Glenda Phillips Gee, 71, of Homer, La., June 9.

Darrell Lynn Watson, 39, of Magnolia, and Wanda Meshelle Jameson, 40, of Magnolia, June 8.

Stephen Jeffrey DeLoach, 27, of Texarkana, and Kristi Laine Miller, 25, of Texarkana, June 8.

Daniel F. Hodge III, 31, of McNeil and Jamie C.E. Price, 32, of McNeil, June 7.

Reginald Demar Cooper, 30, of Magnolia, and Kimberly Renita Hall, 32, of Magnolia, June 7.

Ronald Cooper, 41, of Magnolia, and Dorothy Marie Wright, 44, of Magnolia, June 6.

Carlos Lambert, 20, of Magnolia, and Carlesha Nicole Cooper, 20, of Magnolia, June 2.

Darin Michael Hudgens, 39, of Magnolia, and Julie Kristine Barr, 29, of Magnolia, June 3.

Adam Joel Hurley, 44, of Minden, La., and Karla Jean Sumrall, 48, of Minden, La., June 3.

William Dale Ellis, 23, of Magnolia, and Wullner Kristin Marie, 21, of Magnolia, June 1.

Marriage licenses issued in Columbia County in May 2011. The date is the day the license was issued. Most recent licenses are listed first:

Water Ray Scott, 46, of Magnolia and Camelia Loraine Dennis, 49, of Magnolia, May 31.

Christopher Robin Hoover, 48, of Arkadelphia and Kathleen Marie Ochs, 47, of Magnolia, May 31.

Max Alexander Kendrick, 21, of Greenbrier and Emily Lauren Lively, 22, of Greenbrier, May 29.

Larry W. Weaver, 51, of El Dorado, and Destiny Rose Burson, 29, of El Dorado, May 27.

Anthony Ray Taylor, 38, of Taylor, and Jamie Esther Jones, 18, of McNeil, May 27.

Christopher Dewayne Adamson, 24, of Taylor, and Jamie Marie Morrison, 22, of Taylor, May 27.

Justin Dwight Rhodes, 21, of Magnolia, and Haley Deloise Ruple, 20, of Magnolia, May 26.

John Lynn Harris, 50, of Chidester, and Jo Ann Smith, 57, of Chidester, May 24.

John B. Levasseur, 44, of Elm Grove, La., and Jennifer Lynne Thompson, 34, of Elm Grove. May 20.

Dekwame Deshaun D. Turner, 20, of McNeil, and Bianca Monique Henry, 18, of McNeil, May 20.

Christopher Justin Nichols, 26, of Magnolia, and Christiana Lee Daniel, 21, of Magnolia, May 20.

Darren Darnell Givens, 40, of Springhill, La., and Sanquasha Losene Washington, 20, of Springhill, May 18.

Kody Dewayne Feutral, 19, of Fouke and Ashley Nicole Johnson, 19, of Fouke, May 18.

Charles L. Malone, 75, of Magnolia, and Virginia C. Williams, 73, of Magnolia, May 9.

Gary A. Henson, 48 of Sarepta, La., and Catherine Amanda Smith, 45, of Sarepta, May 9.

David Clifford Connelly, 24, of Camden, and Haleigh Rena Wood, 20, of Emerson, May 6.

Christopher Royce Turnage, 23, of Magnolia, and Sheena Denice Moore, 21, of Magnolia, May 6.

Michael Alan Burch, 26, of Magnolia, and Alaina Kay Atkinson, 21, of Magnolia, May 5.

Caleb Jackson Hawkins, 28, of Magnolia, and Kristin Nicole White, 29, of Magnolia, May 4.

Jeffrey Dale Prince, 46, of Magnolia, and Melissa Green Braswell, 41, of Magnolia, May 3.

James E. Ivey Jr., 61, of Ruston, La., and Carolyn A. Ivey, 64, of Ruston, May 2.

Marriage licenses issued in Columbia County in April 2011. The date is the day the license was issued. Most recent licenses are listed first:

George Loudermill Jr., 62, of Magnolia, and Laverne E. Glover, 46, of Stamps, April 29.

William Darrick Crumpler, 29, of Magnolia, and Korina Frances Johnson, 19, of Magnolia, April 26.

Trent David Bennett, 34, of Malvern, and Amanda Earlene Hoolapa, 34, of Malvern, April 26.

Jeffery Fenton Dunn II, 19, of Greenville, Miss., and Monica Celeste Stubbs, 19, of De Queen, April 21.

Colin Lamar Williams, 24, of Magnolia, and Amy Nicole Vaughan, 18, of Magnolia, April 18.

Dennis B. Zongker, 28, of Waldo, and Katelyn Nicole Ethridge, 21, of Waldo, April 15.

Roderick Duane Williams, 25, of Magnolia, and Crystal Nicole Carter, 29, of Magnolia, April 15.

Corey Patrick Duck, 23, of Springhill, La., and Brooke Lynnette Hanson, 22, of Springhill, April 15.

William Scott Barlow, 22, of Magnolia, and Elaina Kristen Jones, 23, of Magnolia, April 13.

Eric Lamon Mallory, 38, of Magnolia, and Dana L. Alexander, 33, of Magnolia, April 12.

Michael Wayne Duck, 44, of Sarepta, La., and Mikki Lane Zeigler, 28, of Sarepta, April 8.

William James Davis, 38, of Haynesville, La., and Glenda M. Perkins, 52, of Haynesville, April 7.

John Mark Hartsfield, 54, of Taylor, and Crystal Gayle Wooley, 29, of Taylor, April 6.

Harold Chappel, 58, of Magnolia, and Diane Williams, 54, of Magnolia, April 6.

Jason Lee Burgess, 39, of Monroe, La., and Yeni Rosdiyani, 33, of Monroe, April 4.

Jeremy McGrew, 32, of El Dorado and Madalyn L. Lee, 30, of El Dorado, April 1.

Luis Antonio Estrada Gonzalez, 26, of Magnolia, and Sarah Alvarez Perez-Romero, 29, of Magnolia, April 1.

Marriage licenses issued in Columbia County in March 2011. The date is the day the license was issued. Most recent licenses are listed first:

Bobby Ray White, 48, of Minden, La., and Debora Ann Harris, 40, of Minden, March 31.

James Glenn Presley, 55, of Homer, La., and Nell Ann Wilson, 64, of Homer, March 30.

Jeffrey David Morgan, 56, of Magnolia, and Julie Ann Moten, 49, of Magnolia, March 30.

Eric Dwayne Parker, 41, of Magnolia, and Adrian LeTonya Cooper, 28, of Magnolia, March 29.

Jacob K. Phelps, 28, of Magnolia and Heather Ashley Solomon, 25, of Magnolia, March 29.

Randall Thomas Roberts, 29, of Magnolia, and Mary Susan Perdue, 30, of Magnolia, March 23.

Christopher Austin Miller, 19, of Magnolia, and Lisa Marie Allen, 22, of Magnolia, March 23.

Roger M. Dulzak, 52, of Plain Dealing, La., and Sherri J. Lewis, 47, of Plain Dealing, March 23.

Kendric Tyrone Murphy, 20, of Magnolia and Shanygne Chariale Snell, 19, of Magnolia, March 22.

Steven Wayne Mullins, 29, of Hope and Sarah Jane McKown, 25, of Blevins, March 22.

Christopher Joseph Stewart, 22, of Sarepta, La., and Darcy Leigh Wheaton, 18, of Sarepta, March 18.

Isaias Baes-Castillo, 33, of Magnolia, and Maria Valdez-Carranza, 26, of Magnolia, March 18.

Doug Brandon Dixon, 36, of Magnolia, and Aimee R. Fletcher, 35, of Magnolia, March 16.

Bradley Ray Kirk, 40, of El Dorado and Michelle R. Burson, 25, of El Dorado, March 16.

James C. Easter Jr., 34, of Magnolia and Brandy Renee Waller, 30, of Magnolia, March 16.

Kery Bernard Roach, 31, of Emerson and Sharonda Carrington, 25, of Emerson, March 15.

Adam Wayne Hughes, 22, of Magnolia and Cherelle Nicole Smith, 22, of Magnolia, March 15.

Wayne Allen Bradshaw, 21, of Magnolia and Traci Lynn Mosley, 22, of Magnolia, March 14.

William Kyle Simpson, 25, of West Monroe, La., and Kathryn E. Grant, 31, of West Monroe, March 11.

Jordan Deshaun McBride, 19 of Magnolia, and Sydnee Michelle Hicks, 17, of Magnolia, March 11.

Jarred Michael Matlock, 21, of Stamps, and Blair Michele Britt, 19, of Taylor, March 11.

Danny Arvil Dinkins II, 33, of Sarepta, La., and Freida Nicole Cole, 23, of Sarepta, March 10.

John Garrett Talley, 38, of Texarkana, and Terra Gale Wiley, 35, of Texarkana, March 9.

James Michael Smith, 25, of Stamps, and Christina Diane Wilson, 21 of Stamps, March 9.

Jacob Adam Leigh, 24, of Magnolia, and Kimberly Michelle Baker, 21, of Magnolia, March 8.

Stephen John Crisanti, 41, of Sarepta, La., and Kimberly Rena Hicks, 43, of Sarepta, March 8.

Gregory Mark Carter, 50, of Magnolia, and Janice Marie Barnes, 45, of El Dorado, March 7.

Christopher Jamar Roberts, 21, of Waldo, and Leticia Shantriell Joiner, 19, of Waldo, March 4.

Donald Daniel Sullivan IV, 20, of Magnolia, and Whitley Daphine Woodfin, 19, of Magnolia, March 3.

Jeffrey Wayne Rogers, 33, of Taylor, and Amanda Cave Washington, 31, of Sarepta, La., March 1.

Marriage licenses issued in Columbia County in February 2011. The date is the day the license was issued. Most recent licenses are listed first:

Anthony Antonio Harper, 29, of Magnolia, and Danielle Marshall, 35, of Magnolia, Feb. 28.

Peter Klucar, 31, of Plano, Texas, and Mary Katherine Ray, 20, of Magnolia, Feb. 26.

Roderick C. Henderson, 18, of Magnolia, and Krystal Charmaine Radford, 18, of Magnolia, Feb. 25.

Stephen Wade Thomas, 25, of Shongaloo, La., and Samantha Alaine Cox, 25, of Sarepta, La., Feb. 25.

Lonnie Ray Sanders, 26, of Stamps, and Valerie Janette Purifoy, 29, of Magnolia, Feb. 25.

Thomas Ryan Jones, 21, of Magnolia, and Rachael Suzanne King, 21, of Magnolia, Feb.25.

Daryl Homer Fuller, 42, of Magnolia, and Norma Lynn Knopes, 53, of Magnolia, Feb. 25.

Larry Dean Cox, 47, of Waldo, and Sandra Elise Randolph, 45, of Waldo, Feb. 24.

John Mark Ross, 46, of Shongaloo, La., and Delila Deone Beene, 38, of Shongaloo, Feb.23.

Lester Eric Mixon, 44, of Waldo, and Turkesha Scherrie Arberry, 35, of Magnolia, Feb. 22.

William C. Bridges, 36, of Magnolia, and Jennifer Lynn Wilson, 24, of Magnolia, Feb. 22.

Fredrick Cooper, 37, of Magnolia, and Lataqua Shunta Willingham, 28, of Magnolia, Feb.18.

Jeffrey Wayne Cooper, 41, of Magnolia, and Melissa A. Edward, 31, of Magnolia, Feb. 18.

Samuel Justin Jennings, 30, of Cotton Valley, La., and Amanda Shavonne Rhymes, 33, of Cotton Valley, Feb. 17.

Glenn Ray Lee, 41, of Waldo, and Jerri Lynn McAdams, 44, of Waldo, Feb. 16.

Juston Demond Weaver, 21, of Magnolia, and Stephania Michelle Aaron, 34, of Stephens, Feb. 15.

David Coliston, 59, of Magnolia, and Bessie Mae Gordon, 62, of Magnolia, Feb. 15.

James Derek Avery, 29, of McNeil, and Sarah Catherine Colvin, 22, of McNeil, Feb. 15.

Freeman Robinson, 54, of Strong, and Diann Cain Robinson, 54, of El Dorado, Feb.14.

Chintan K. Patel, 31, of Plano, Texas, and Avaniben Dilipkumar Patel, 27, of Port Wentworth, Ga., Feb. 14.

Emmitt Raliegh Bice Jr., 47, of Springhill, La., and Vickie Lowery Bailey, 46, of Springhill, Feb.14.

Mark Anthony Bell, 32, of Stamps, and Lacora Marlena Baker, 29, of Magnolia, Feb. 14.

Johnathon Taylor Fordham, 19, of McNeil, and Lee Anna Cooper, 21, of Magnolia, Feb. 10.

Mark Charles Farag, 40, of Junction City, and Renee Nicole Williams, 29, of Junction City, Feb. 8.

Cedric Lamar Finley, 31, of Stamps and Kimoan Katricia Catton, 29, of Stamps, Feb. 7.

Brian Wesley Reeves, 25, of Magnolia, and Brittany Michelle Barton, 23, of Buckner, Feb. 3.

Marriage licenses issued in Columbia County in January 2011. The date is the day the license was issued. Most recent licenses are listed first:

David Layton Trent, 23, of Magnolia, and Ceciley C. Marlar, 22, of Magnolia, Jan. 31.

David Randall Green, 25, of Magnolia, and Amanda DeAnne Creed, 28, of Magnolia, Jan. 28.

Marzell Turner, 47, of Magnolia, and Sonia Renia Hunter, 40, of Magnolia, Jan. 28.

John Edwin Rich, 47, of Magnolia, and Janet Kay Morrison, 47, of Magnolia, Jan. 24.

Eric Terrelle Fisher, 26, of Magnolia, and Sonya Elaine Grissom, 35, of Magnolia, Jan. 21.

Daniel Bryan Bailey Jr., 24, of Magnolia, and Jamie Nicole Kitchens, 27, of Magnolia, Jan. 18.

Terry Lynn Harris, 33, Magnolia, and Shakira Shidae McHenry, 20, El Dorado, Jan. 14.

Alex Nicholas Kreie, 22, of Magnolia, and Elisa Boothe Bradley, 21, of Magnolia, Jan. 11.

Dale Dewyane Bishop, 47, of Waldo, and Angela Marie Smith, 45, of Waldo, Jan. 7.

Cheivs Lamorris Weaver, 30, of Magnolia and Tonie Shenel Holly, 32, of Magnolia, Jan. 4.

Thomas Jamar Ellison, 29, of Taylor and Shan Antoinette Lewis, 26, of Taylor, Jan. 4.

Marriage licenses issued in Columbia County in December 2010. The date is the day the license was issued. Most recent licenses are listed first:

Zachary Wayne Rogers, 24, of Camden and Amy Leigh Cheatham, 21, of Magnolia, Dec. 30.

Joshua Eugene Brewer, 26, of Minden, La., and Elisha K. Ryan, 24, of Minden, La., Dec. 30.

Deagan Lee Ruthardt, 28, of Waldo, and Ashley Nichole Norman, 22, of Waldo, Dec. 29.

Cory Lee Montgomery, 22, of Cotton Valley, La., and Christy Marie Hutchinson, 19, of Cotton Valley, Dec. 28.

Joseph Lawrence Owen, 30, of Stephens, and Shannon Marie Wilson, 20, of Stephens, Dec. 27.

Kory Bryant Duarte, 43, of Magnolia, and Regina Lanell Dismuke, 40, of Magnolia, Dec. 27.

Herman Rondall Phillips Jr., 74, of Emerson, and Doris Williams Hunt, 66, of Fort Worth, Texas, Dec. 22.

Clarence Elmer Johnson Jr., 52, of Magnolia, and Kathy Phillips, 63, of Magnolia, Dec. 22.

Benjamin Lee Haile, 21, of Magnolia, and Jillian Beth Dailey, 18, of Magnolia, Dec. 21.

Nathan Glenn Evans, 24, of Sarepta, La., and Madison Skye Davis, 21, of Sarepta, Dec. 21.

Benjamin D. Keith, 43, of Bismarck and Angela Lanette Wilson, 42, of Magnolia, Dec. 20.

James Alford Robinson, 60, of Plain Dealing, La., and Rose Marie Ford, 54, of Plain Dealing, Dec. 17.

Edward Christopher Ferrell, 36, of Sibley, La., and Stephanie Denise Gray, 22, of Sibley, Dec. 17.

Steven Michael Alexander, 24, of Magnolia, and Randi Lyn Redfearn, 27, of Camden, Dec. 17.

Ronald Wayne Hayden Jr., 18, of Taylor, and Brande Kaye Johnson, 20, of Magnolia, Dec. 16.

Gregory Scott Fletcher, 38, of Wills Point, Texas, and Laci Danae Smith, 22, of Emerson, Dec.15.

John Fredrick Colquitt, 30, of Waldo, and Heather Michelle Colquitt, 26, of Waldo, Dec. 13.

Thomas Lee Tatom, 41, of Waldo, and Toni Elaine Dickinson, 42, of Magnolia, Dec. 10.

Kyle Steven Rogers, 26, of Camden, and Amanda Michelle LeMay, 23, of Camden, Dec. 10.

Joseph Edward Owen, 52, of Stamps, and Angela M. Honeycutt, 37, of Stamps, Dec. 10.

Justin Robert Barton, 22, of Shreveport, La., and Melissa Tyson Brady, 27, of Shreveport, Dec. 9.

Zachary Andrew Falcon, 21, of Magnolia, and Charlsie Virginia Greeley, 18, of Magnolia, Dec. 8.

William Mark Fullenwider, 37, of Waldo, and Lindy Elizabeth Edwards, 26, of Lewisville, Dec. 7.

Carl Edgar Starr, 33, of Shongaloo, La., and Cassie Shereen Pryor, 33, of Shongaloo, Dec.3.

Caleb Ryan Howard, 23, of Magnolia, and Ericka Elaine Mayberry, 20, of Magnolia, Dec. 3.

Michael Edward Butler, 61, of Nacogdoches, Texas, and Brenda Sue Edington, 60, of Magnolia, Dec. 2.

Marriage licenses issued in Columbia County in November 2010. The date is the day the license was issued. Most recent licenses are listed first:

Desmond Demar Robinson, 24, of Magnolia, and Adeana M. Fleming, 31, of Magnolia, Nov. 24.

Trent Allen DeLoach, 23, of Magnolia, and Megan R. Cummings, 18, of Emerson, Nov. 24.

James Williams Jr., 54, of Magnolia, and Regina Elisa Harris, 44, of Magnolia, Nov. 19.

Roosevelt Johnson, 58, of Magnolia, and Jeanette Jones, 38, of Magnolia, Nov. 19.

Toy'I Antonio Kimble, 33, of Magnolia, and Tiffanie Marie Moss, 37, of Magnolia, Nov. 15.

Seth E. Boarchert, 25, of Magnolia, and Jessica Laurel Wrenn, 26, of Magnolia, Nov. 12.

Rico Lamont Jefferson, 37, of Waldo, and Melinda Michelle Bauer, 30, of Waldo, Nov. 12.

Jerry Lynn Hill, 43, of Magnolia, and Frances Faye Easter, 43, of Magnolia, Nov. 3.

Paul Allen Gotshall, 56, of Ringgold, La., and Kayla Gates Gotshall, 36, of Dubberly, La., Nov. 3.

Antonianio McDonald, 33, of Magnolia, and Chevon Yvette Garrard, 27, of Magnolia, Nov. 2.

Daniel Shane Jackson, 38, of Waldo, and Lori Delaine Newton, 37, of Shreveport, La., Nov. 1.

Marriage licenses issued in Columbia County in October 2010. The date is the day the license was issued. Most recent licenses are listed first:

George Brandon Foshee, 30, of Magnolia, and Khara Rebecca Walker, 30, of Magnolia, Oct. 29.

Chris Allen Mitchell, 38, of Waldo, and Lauren Elizabeth Maloch, 25, of Magnolia, Oct. 29.

Donny Ray Taylor, 39, of Magnolia, and Dana Marie Gore, 37, of Magnolia, Oct. 26.

Scott Richard Ostenfeld, 39, of Shreveport, La., and Amanda Lynn Burns, 27, of Shreveport, La., Oct. 22.

Joseph Keith Manuel, 38, of Ville Platte,La., and Christina Ann Sittig, 35, of Eunice, La., Oct. 22.

Grady William Manning, 40, of El Dorado, and Tonya Kay Manning, 38, of Strong, Oct. 22.

Aluster O'Neil Hamilton, 46, of Strong and Jennifer Gail Robinson, 45, of El Dorado, Oct. 22.

Jerry Lynn Ferguson Jr., 24, of Magnolia, and LaTasha M. Smith, 32, of Magnolia, Oct. 21.

Joseph Chad Harlon, 24, of Magnolia, and Amber Joy Welsh, 35, of Magnolia, Oct. 20.

George Edward Miller, 55, of Magnolia, and Debra Gail Marshall, 40, of Magnolia, Oct. 19.

Ajit Bhandari, 21, of Magnolia, and Heather Cheyenne Patterson, 18, of Magnolia, Oct. 19.

Ellis Richard Barnes, 29, of Magnolia, and Kimberly Suzanne Carter, 38, of Magnolia, Oct. 19.

Jeremy Charles Vansickle, 24, of Arlington, Texas, and Mariah Marie Myers, 23, of Arlington, Texas, Oct. 15.

Otis J. Featherston Jr., 29, of Magnolia, and Shuvonne Y. Jones, 24, of Magnolia, Oct. 15.

Derecko J. Burton, 34, of Magnolia, and Andrea J. D. Burton, 33, of Magnolia, Oct.15.

Steven Charles Davis, 33, of Magnolia, and Justina Fredricka Curry, 28, of Magnolia, Oct. 14.

Antwyne Lamar Hunter, 30, of Magnolia, and Greta Lyn Pate, 30, of Dallas, Oct. 13.

Bill Burch Rowe, 39, of Emerson, and Charla Faye Boaz, 43, of Emerson, Oct. 12.

Ian Mitchel Netherland, 32 of Farmerville, La., and Ann Lynn Smith, 23, of Monroe, La., Oct. 12.

Jeremy Andrew Murphy, 22, of Waldo, and Addie Suzanne Foster, 20, of Waldo, Oct. 12.

Dustin Gail Reeme, 23, of Chidester, and Heather Marie Barnes, 29, of Chidester, Oct. 8.

Steven E. Ochs, 49, of Magnolia, and Kerri K. Franks, 44, of Magnolia, Oct. 8.

Steven Casey Culver, 23, of Minden, La., and Eva Lauren Terral, 28, of Minden, Oct. 8.

Willie W. Smith, 33, of Magnolia, and Tina Marie Harris, 27, of Magnolia, Oct. 7.

Michael Brendan Flint, 38, of Springhill, La., and Danna Tannehill Dinkins, 37, of Springhill, La., Oct. 6.

Timothy Lynn Otwell, 44, of Magnolia, and Bertha Lizett Barquero, 46, of Magnolia, Oct. 5.

Nathan Ray Davidson, 27, of Taylor, and Amber Lynn West, 29, of Taylor, Oct. 4.

Brandon H. Easley, 33, of Magnolia, and Laura Michelle Hill, 33, of Bloomburg, Texas, Oct. 1.


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