Two final divorce degrees have been filed with the Columbia County Circuit Clerk since our last report.

Final divorce decrees in Columbia County during November 2021. The name listed first is the plaintiff. Most recent decrees are listed first.

Seth Jean v. Meagan Jean. November 17. Married June 7, 2008.

Rachel W. Stevens v. Travis M. Stevens. November 17. Married March 2014.

Michael Kevin Turner v. Brandy Hardiman, November 10.

Barbara Nell Johnson v Jimmy Doris Johnson, November 10.

Jennifer Kaye Ford v. James Michael Ford, November 10. Married September 26, 1998.

Brieana Overbey v. Chad Overbey. November 8.

Thomas C. Murphy v. Nakia Penigar, November 5. Married June 21, 2014.

Alexandria White v. Lauren May, November 3.

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