Final divorce decrees in Columbia County during July 2020. The name listed first is the plaintiff. Most recent decrees are listed first.

Shawn McKamie v. Jennifer McKamie. July 27. Married April 16, 1997. Defendant is restored to maiden name of Jennifer Sharp.

Alexis Kerry v. Peyton Carter, July 23. Married June 21, 2018.

Katherine Dougan v. Steven Dougan. July 22. Plaintiff is restored to maiden name of Katherine Miller.

Jessica Snider v. Robert Snider. July 21. Married August 15, 2015.

Amber Thompson v. Jonathan Thompson, July 20. Married December 20, 2008.

Amanda Schwab v. Michael P. Schwab. July 9. Married May 18, 2018.

Ronald Jones v. Kristi Jones. July 9.

Beverly Couch v. Mark D. Couch, July 8. Plaintiff is restored to former name of Beverly Burnett.

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