Final divorce decrees in Columbia County during June 2021. The name listed first is the plaintiff. Most recent decrees are listed first.

Lolita Miyonna Love v. Ludlow Ashmeade. June 9. Plaintiff is restored to maiden name of Kokita Miyonna Love.

Charlie Melissa Chriestenson v. Daniel Eugene Chriestenson. June 8. Plaintiff is restored to maiden name of Charlie Melissa Hammock.

Kaitlin Jane Baldwin v. Joshua Tanner Baldwin, June 8.

Cheryll Kunkle v. Martin Kunkle June 8. Married August 15, 2003

Gregory Chase Humphreys v. Chasity Lee Knighton-Humphreys. June 7. Married December 7, 2017.

Todd Collier v. Shelia Suzanne Collier. June 7. Married February, 24 2021.

Christian Brooke Staggs v. Zachary Hunter Staggs. June 8. Married October 27, 2020. Plaintiff is restored to maiden name of Christian Brooke Finney.

Jordan Watson v. Charnelle Watson. June 8. Married October, 7 2016.

Joseph McIntyre v. Connie McIntyre. June 8. Defendant is restored to maiden name of Connie Triplet.

Alesia Renee Collins v. Otto Edward Collins. May 22. Married June 9, 2017. Plaintiff is restored to former surname of Alesia Blackwell.

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