Three marriage licenses have been issued by the Columbia County Clerk since our last report.

Marriage licenses issued in Columbia County in September 2019. The date is the day the license was issued. Most recent licenses are listed first.

Cory James Warnement, 23, of Simsboro, LA, and Nicole Marcella Tinsley, 25, of Simsboro, LA, September 6.

Alex Wayne Gordan, 20, of Springhill, LA and Tammy Kay White, 22, of Springhill, LA, September 6.

Mark Douglas Couch, 48, of Magnolia and Beverly S. Burnett, 55, of Magnolia, September 4.

Marriage licenses issued in Columbia County in August 2019. The date is the day the license was issued. Most recent licenses are listed first.

Eli Zachary Lester, 24, of El Dorado and Morgan Michell Lee, 24, of El Dorado, August 30.

Jerry D. Hardwell, 56, of Emerson and Forsynthia Franklin, 48, of Magnolia, August 29.

David Nolan Gray, 22, of Carthage, TX and Taylor Nichole Gunter, 19, of Magnolia, August 29.

Todd Eugene Collier, 49, of Magnolia and Shelia Suzanne Walz, 47, of Magnolia, August 29.

Richard Lexton Lenard, 24, of Magnolia and Brittany Michelle Roberson, 29, of Waldo, August 28.

Larry Victory Crockett, 47, of Magnolia and Timiki L. Williamson, 42, of Magnolia, August 28.

Sydney Caroline Colvin, 28, of Magnolia and Hannah Ruth Young, 32, of Magnolia, August 23.

Jason Monroe Martisek, 34, of Magnolia and Adrienne Brooke Bartushock, 27, of Magnolia, August 20.

Zachary Kain Taylor, 25, of McNeil and Kaylee Jo Burns, 22, of McNeil, August 16.

Aleksandr Pokusaev, 21, of Magnolia and Lauren Elizabeth Kinnett, 22, of Magnolia, August 16.

Dexter Wayne Dees, 30, of Waldo and Shelby Lynn Sanders, 26, of Waldo, August 14.

William Walker Cheatham, 85, of Magnolia and Sheri E. Bell, 86, of Magnolia, August 13.

Lane Hunter Smith, 23, of Camden and Charity Osborne Wagnon, 22, of TexARKana, August 13.

Jeremy Nathan Baker, 36, of Magnolia and Jennifer Renee Cantrell, 43, of Magnolia, August 8.

Antonio Grant Davis, 36, of Stamps and Tyrinda L. Gantt, 37, of Hot Springs, August 7.

John Paul Jones, 61, of Rosston and Linda F. Davis, 59, of Rosston, August 2.

Jesse Lee Sweet, 32, of Taylor and Chelsea Lorene Bates, 26, of Taylor, August 2.

Charles Alexandria Blanks, 35, of Magnolia and Redena C. Tierra Williams, 30, of Magnolia, August 1.

Travis Scott Phillips, 25, of Magnolia and Allison Kaye Edwards, 22, of Magnolia, August 1.

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