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Circuit Court Judge David Talley heard several cases and sentenced people to various terms Thursday in the criminal division of Columbia County Circuit Court.

Billie Parker plead guilty to battery in the second degree for an incident on September 1, 2018. On this date, Phillips struck a Waldo police officer in the upper body and used profanity. She was sentenced to the Alternative Sentencing Program and will owe various court costs and fees.

Daniel Middleton plead guilty to striking an endangered or impaired person with a shovel. He was sentenced to suspended imposition of sentence for one year. He was to comply with the rules of the domestic requirements and to complete anger management and family counseling and will owe various court costs and fees.

Craig Cannon plead guilty to possessing two grams of methamphetamine and will be on SIS for a period of five years. He will owe court costs and fees.

Ryan Waller was in court for a first appearance charged with reckless driving, assault two and driver’s license required. Although he was told he had the right to remain silent, he did tell the judge that he was pleading guilty to driving without a license.

Joshua McGaugh plead guilty to theft of property of over $1,000. He admitted that on April 5 he took $2,000 from someone else’s checks. He was sentenced to five years’ probation.

Barcardi Crow pleaded guilty to robbery and possessing ecstasy on July 27, 2019. Crow admitted that on that day he struck another man with a closed fist. He was sentenced to SIS for six years. He will owe court costs and fees.

Michael Sims received five years’ probation for pleading guilty for possession of a firearm by certain persons and aggravated assault. Prosecutor Ryan Rainwater said attempts to contact the victim in this case were unsuccessful. Talley said he would have been more comfortable with a statement on record from the victim, but they would have to proceed. Sims will owe court costs and fees.

Mario Easter, charged with capital murder, and possession of firearm by certain persons, will be back in court on November 21.

Tamekia Collier, charged with aggravated assault case was passed to December 5 with an excluded period but not before she pleaded with the judge to “please, please” let her out of jail. She put her hands over her face and shook her head and began to loudly cry as she was led back to the jail.

Angela Beasley, in court for a district court appeal, pleaded with the judge to let her out of jail but Talley said he could not do that because he had not sentenced her. She was sentenced by District Court Judge David Graham. Beasley will be back in court November 21.

Donna Cochran pleaded guilty to possessing methamphetamine, scales and multiple syringes on July 18. Cochran will be on SIS for six years. Talley ordered her to take the substance abuse treatment program at the Arkansas Department of Corrections before she is released.

“This is about the last chance,” Talley said. “If you go back to your old habits there are about 12 years hanging over your head in this case.”

Joseph Peace plead guilty to having methamphetamine pipes and syringes and for theft of property of more than $1,000 from 515 Columbia Street in Taylor. He was placed on probation for five years. Peace will owe court costs and fees.

Jessie Rash, charged with terroristic threating has only completed 20 hours of the 240 hours of community service she was tasked with and only has paid $5 of court fines and fees ordered, according to her probation officer. The officer spoke on Rash’s behalf Thursday and said that because Rash is homeless and cannot live with her mother, this has complicated matters. The probation officer said she had gotten Rash into a shelter in El Dorado but she had gotten kicked out of there. Rash does abuse drug courts, so drug court is not the best place for her, the probation officer said. Rash will be back in court November 21 to see what can be done in her case.

Seth Humphreys plead guilty to fleeing in a vehicle at a high rate of speed on July 7 on U.S. 371, south of Taylor. On this date, Humphreys was operating his motorcycle at a high rate of speed and fleeing into no passing zones while being chased by police. He was given SIS for five years, fined a sum of $1,000 and restitution of $1,900 in addition to other court costs and fees.

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