Bad decision

About 17 percent of our readers say that marrying their current spouse was a bad decision.

Our married readers overwhelming agree that they married the right person.

Starting Saturday, we invited readers to select one of four options to the following question:

“In retrospect, was marrying your current spouse the right decision?”

The results:

Yes, marrying my spouse was the right decision, 129 votes, 61.72 percent.

Yes, we have had rocky times but it was still the right decision, 45 votes, 21.53 percent.

No, marrying my spouse was the wrong decision, 18 votes, 8.61 percent.

No, if I had given this decision more time, I would not have married my current spouse, 17 votes, 8.13 percent.

Total votes: 209. online polls are not scientific. They are conducted for the information and entertainment of our readers.

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