About 30 percent of readers say they have flown on a helicopter for tourism or entertainment purposes.

In the aftermath of the helicopter crash that killed basketball star Kobe Bryant, most magnoliareporter.com readers say they have flown in a helicopter.

Starting Tuesday, we invited readers to select one of five responses to the following question:

“Have you ever flown aboard any type of helicopter?”

The results:

No, I have never flown in a helicopter, 100 votes, 47.16 percent.

Yes, for tourism, entertainment or another reason, 63 votes, 29.71 percent.

Yes, during military service, 22 votes, 10.37 percent.

Yes, as part of my job, 16 votes, 7.54 percent.

Yes, for medical treatment, 11 votes, 5.18 percent.

Total votes: 212.

magnoliareporter.com online polls are not scientific. They are conducted for the information and entertainment of our readers.

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