Pickles, relish and salsa are among the least favorite condiments of our readers.

Pass the salt. And the pepper.

A plurality of readers responding to a magnoliareporter.com online poll identified salt and pepper as their “must-have” condiment from a large table of rivals.

Starting Friday, we invited readers to select one of nine answers to the following question:

“Which of these is your must-have condiment?”

The results:

Salt and pepper, 86 votes, 37.55 percent.

Ketchup, 43 votes, 18.77 percent.

Mayonnaise, 35 votes, 15.28 percent.

Mustard, 21 votes, 9.17 percent.

Barbecue or other sauce, 14 votes, 6.11 percent.

Tabasco or other hot sauce, 13 votes, 5.67 percent.

Tomato or onion, 12 votes, 5.24 percent.

Pickles, 3 votes, 1.31 percent.

Relish or salsa, 2 votes, 0.87 percent.

Total votes: 229.

magnoliareporter.com online polls are not scientific. They are conducted for the information and entertainment of our readers.

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