About 18 percent of our readers don't like Christmas because it depresses them.

Two-thirds of magnoliareporter.com readers say they are looking forward to Christmas.

Starting Saturday, we invited readers to select one of six responses to the following question:

“Are you looking forward to Christmas?”

The results:

Yes, I love the Christmas season, 85 votes, 60.28 percent.

No, the holidays depress me, 26 votes, 18.43 percent.

No, I hate the Christmas season, 10 votes, 7.09 percent.

No, Christmas magnifies by problems, 9 votes, 6.38 percent.

Yes, the holidays clarify my perspective, 6 votes, 4.25 percent.

Yes, I keep the Christmas spirit year-round, 5 votes, 3.54 percent.

Total votes: 141.

magnoliareporter.com online polls are not scientific. They are conducted for the information and entertainment of our readers.

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