About 21 percent of readers say that the pandemic will have a great effect on how the nation governs itself in a crisis, and another 21 percent say it will greatly alter the purchase of goods and services.

Many magnoliareporter.com readers think the COVID-19 pandemic will bring great change to the workplace.

Starting Monday, we invited readers to select one of seven answers to the following question:

‘Which of these functions of society will experience the most long-term change, for better or worse, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic?”

The results:

When, where and how we work at our jobs, 48 votes, 29.09 percent.

America’s ability to govern itself in a crisis, 35 votes, 21.21 percent.

How we purchase most goods and services, 35 votes, 21.21 percent.

How we educate students, 23 votes, 13.93 percent.

Delivery of medical services, 13 votes, 7.87 percent.

How we worship, 7 votes, 4.24 percent.

How we communicate with family and friends, 4 votes, 2.42 percent.

Total votes: 165.

magnoliareporter.com online polls are not scientific. They are conducted for the information and entertainment of our readers.

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