Only 19 percent of readers say they have no concerns about electronic device hackers.

Many magnoliareporter.com readers are concerned about hackers obtaining personal information through their electronic devices.

Starting Sunday, we invited readers to select one of four answers to the following question:

“To what degree are you concerned about a hacker gaining access to personal information on your computer or smartphone?”

The results:

I am very concerned and I am always worried about it, 61 votes, 44.2 percent.

More concerned about my computer, but less about my smartphone, 27 votes, 19.56 percent.

I am not concerned, 26 votes, 18.84 percent.

I have some concerns, but between online sources or my local computer expert, issues are easily resolved, 24 votes, 17.39 percent.

Total votes: 138

magnoliareporter.com online polls are not scientific. They are conducted for the information and entertainment of our readers.

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