Video calling

About as many readers use video calling as find the concept "creepy."

People can use the video calling functions on their smartphones, they just don’t want to do it.

Starting last Wednesday, we invited our readers to select one of six answers to the following question:

“Decades ago, people craved the concept of a video telephone. Now that you can see the person you are calling in real time, how often do you use this service?”

The results:

I seldom use video calling, 70 votes, 39.54 percent.

I think video calling is a little creepy, 33 votes, 18.64 percent.

There are still too many technical problems with video calls to make it practical, 28 votes, 15.81 percent.

I use video calling mostly for special occasions, 20 votes, 11.29 percent.

I use video calling often, 15 votes, 8.47 percent.

I use video calling all the time, 11 votes, 6.21 percent.

Total votes: 177 online polls are not scientific. They are conducted for the information and entertainment of our readers.

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