Bill Brecht

Bill Brecht writes that Magnolia needs to protect its investment in a shooting range.

I recently had an informative talk with my city councilman, Jeff White, on the shooting range issue. Unfortunately, part of it is (my opinion) what seems to be a common problem with a few people whom haven’t learned to respect other people’s property including public property.

The metal roof is shot up and other things have been used for target practice for reasons I don’t understand. There is a liability issue and a noise issue from the landowners around there, too, and if you’ve not been there for a while, it’s in need of some dirt work.

I use the range and without it I have no place to go, living in the city, and I’m not alone in that.

Mr. White informed me that it’s not a matter of IF we get a shooting range it’s a matter of when. I hope that’s the case but I do know that it’s going to come with oversight in the form of video surveillance and possibly a gate that you’d have to swipe to get in and I’m sure this going to have a price tag on it.

It’s only reasonable though to protect any investment in improvements because it’s ours and our investment. I’d like to hear other people weigh in on this.

Bill Brecht


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