Vacation home

Few of our readers would chose to have a vacation home on an island or in a large city.

The idea of a vacation home on a lake or river appeals to a third of readers.

Starting Monday, we invited readers to select one of seven answers to the following question:

“In which of these locations would you most like to have a vacation home?”

The results:

Lake or river, 69 votes, 32.39 percent.

Beach, 57 votes, 26.76 percent.

Mountains, 52 votes, 24.41 percent.

Backwoods, 17 votes, 7.98 percent.

Island, 10 votes, 4.69 percent.

Big City, 6 votes, 2.81 percent.

Music mecca, 2 votes, 0.93 percent.

Total votes: 213. online polls are not scientific. They are conducted for the information and entertainment of our readers.

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