About 3 percent of readers eat out seven or more times per week.

More than half of magnoliareporter.com readers say they eat at restaurants three or fewer times a week.

Starting Saturday, we invited readers to select one of five answers to the following question:

“How many times a week do you eat at a restaurant or a fast-food place?”

The results:

Three or fewer times a week, 94 votes, 55.29 percent.

Never, 36 votes, 21.17 percent.

Four to seven times a week, 34 votes, 20 percent.

More than seven times a week, 3 votes, 1.76 percent.

Practically speaking, almost every meal, 3 votes, 1.76 percent.

Total votes: 170

magnoliareporter.com online polls are not scientific. They are conducted for the information and entertainment of our readers.

We have asked readers this question on previous occasions. While we’ve made changes in our response options, overall results have been fairly consistent over time.

The results from our June 2017 poll:

1-4 times a week, 118 votes, 73.29 percent.

Never, 21 votes, 13.04 percent.

5-10 times a week, 17 votes, 10.55 percent.

Practically speaking, almost every meal, 5 votes, 3.10 percent.

Total votes: 161.

The results of our June 2013 poll:

1-3 times a week, 116 votes, 58.29 percent.

Never, 33 votes, 16.58 percent.

4-7 times a week, 33 votes, 16.58 percent.

8-10 times a week, 11 votes, 5.52 percent.

Practically speaking, all the time, 6 votes, 3.01 percent.

Total votes: 199

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