Only 3 percent of readers rate Arkansas' environmental quality as a top concern.

Employment opportunities and job creation top a list of concerns among Arkansans.

Starting last Wednesday, we invited readers to select one of 10 answers to the following question:

“As a resident of Arkansas, which of the following concerns you the most?”

The results:

Employment opportunities and job creation, 53 votes, 26.63 percent.

Taxes, 33 votes, 16.58 percent.

Crime, 30 votes. 15.07 percent.

Education quality, 21 votes, 10.55 percent.

Highways and transportation, 15 votes, 7.75 percent.

Political and business corruption, 12 votes, 6.03 percent.

Race relations, 11 votes, 5.52 percent.

Internet access, 10 votes, 5.02 percent.

Disparities between the wealthier and poorer parts of the state, 8 votes, 4.02 percent.

Environmental quality, 6 votes, 3.01 percent.

Total votes: 199.

We will conduct a second poll on this topic, naming 10 additional concerns, at a later date. The top vote getters from both polls will be used to conduct a third and final poll.

magnoliareporter.com online polls are not scientific. They are conducted for the information and entertainment of our readers.

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