Most magnoliareporter.com readers have not been inside a restaurant since COVID-19 restrictions have been eased to allow dine-in experiences if certain conditions are met.”

Starting last Tuesday, magnoliareporter.com invited readers to select one of six responses to the following question:

“Have you been back inside a restaurant since COVID-19 restrictions were eased?”

The results:

No, and it will be a while before I think it is safe, 87 votes, 31.29 percent.

No, I have not been in a restaurant, 80 votes, 28.77 percent.

Yes, I have been in a restaurant, 38 votes, 13.66 percent.

Yes, and I felt my health was not at risk, 38 votes, 13.66 percent.

No, but I expect to dine-in soon, 29 votes, 10.43 percent.

Yes, but I was uneasy about it, 6 votes, 2.15 percent.

Total responses: 278.

magnoliareporter.com online polls are not scientific. They are conducted for the information and entertainment of our readers.

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