Soup poll

Potato soup, chicken soup, clam chowder and tomato soup find few fans among our readers.

Got soup? Better make it chili or beef stew.

Starting Friday, we invited readers to select one of seven responses to the following question:

“Of these, which would you rather eat?”

The results:

Chili, 75 votes, 35.21 percent.

Beef stew, 59 votes, 27.69 percent.

Vegetable soup, 32 votes, 15.02 percent.

Potato soup, 16 votes, 7.51 percent.

Chicken soup, 13 votes, 6.1 percent.

Clam chowder, 13 votes, 6.1 percent.

Tomato soup, 5 votes, 2.34 percent.

Total votes: 213 votes online polls are not scientific. They are conducted for the information and the entertainment of our readers.

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