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Thanksgiving is coming, for which not everyone is thankful – certainly not the governor and some of the state’s medical and epidemiological professionals who have been trying to keep you-know-what under control.

Gov. Asa Hutchinson has had to perform a balancing act as a pragmatic, business-focused governor working with some of his more conservative legislators in a state with increasing Trumpian leanings. That balancing act became a little easier and a little harder last week.

If you want to buy a car here in the U.S. that is made in Korea, you can. Korea makes Hyundai and Kia, brands that have gone from relative obscurity some years back to now capturing roughly six percent of the U.S. car market. Korea also makes toasters, vacuum cleaners, hard drives and smartp…

With so many Arkansans already voting, is it too late for a column about the three proposed constitutional amendments that were submitted by legislators? For those who haven’t voted, here’s a fair and balanced review, with a bone to pick at the end.

Let’s look at the bright side in this year filled with hardship, sorrow and acrimony. People are voting peacefully in high numbers, while two candidates in Utah are showing it’s still possible to treat an opponent – and the process – with respect.

Candidates in four major Arkansas political races will participate in “Election 2020: Arkansas PBS Debates,” which will livestream at youtube.com/arkansaspbs and air on Arkansas PBS Monday through Wednesday.

I recently had a conversation with a friend who grew up in the delta land of Arkansas. He’s only 63 years old but by age 5 he was chopping cotton on his dad’s small farm. A couple of other families lived on the farm and so three families worked together to get the cotton chopped, or weeded out.

One of the issues many families stress about is money. Usually it’s because we don’t have enough of it, or at least we think we don’t have enough.

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Can't find toilet paper at the supermarket? It's not that your neighbors are hoarding, even as you see everyone grabbing what they can as soon as shelves are stocked. The empty shelves are as much a result of manufacturers not being able to shift production to meet demand.