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We would like to thank the many organizations that were involved in assisting our family working with Veronica Grace Kyle (Roni) in her time of need. The response was not only unbelievable fast, but the level of compassion displayed was unbelievable.

Arkansans for a Unified Natural State want voters to have a say over several new laws adopted by state legislators during the 2021 legislative session.

Is Arkansas ready to elect an African American and a Democrat as governor? For Chris Jones, the second adjective is as big a challenge to overcome at this point in Arkansas history as the first.

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Columbia County had lottery ticket sales totaling $608,942.50 in May, down from $738,494 in April, according to a report released June 10 by the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration - Office of the Arkansas Lottery.

Awhile back I had a former student in my office who was a proud new daddy. As we talked about the challenges of raising kids, including financial challenges, he told me he was going to start a college fund for his child and would begin funding it heavily. To fund the kid’s account, he would …

Sen. Jim Hendren, I-Gravette, has finished his first legislative session as the state’s only independent legislator, so now he can focus on the organization he’s building, Common Ground Arkansas – and on deciding whether to run for governor.

Law enforcement officers in Arkansas will be trained annually in their duty to intervene when they see another officer using excessive force. The bill was signed into law the same day a jury convicted police officer Derek Chauvin for the killing of George Floyd. It didn’t get as much attenti…

When Joe Biden was running for president, he promised not to raise taxes on anyone making less than $400,000 per year. Which would be just about everybody, right? So, the revenue raised from a tax increase on the over $400k crowd just isn’t going to pay for all the stuff the Biden-Harris adm…

Back in the hot stock market period of the late 90’s, stockbrokers were selling dog stocks to investors on a regular basis. By dogs, I mean their internal research showed the stock to be overpriced, or even of no value. Yet the brokers were still out there pushing the stocks.

Many Arkansans who are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccines don’t want them, or at least don’t want them yet, so rather than letting the vaccines sit in a freezer, the obvious next step is to make them available to those who do.

If I were to tell you a giant government institution serving almost 500,000 people and their families would turn on a dime and drastically change its service delivery in a few days’ time – how would that fit into your preconceived notion of how the world works?

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The separation of powers has been on display in Arkansas lately. With one branch of government, Gov. Asa Hutchinson stood his ground – for a few days, anyway, until there was a reason to stop. With the other, he’s giving ground.

In early December, I quoted British Prime Minister Winston Churchill saying after a World War II victory in 1942, “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

Bryant High School wrestling coach Shane Clancy did not wrestle with his decision to be vaccinated for COVID-19. After his big right arm was stuck with a small needle at the River Center gym in Benton on February 13, he explained, “I’m ready to ditch the mask and just be normal.”

Remarkably, the state of Arkansas has $422 million more in revenues than it thought it would. But the Senate chairman of the Legislature’s Joint Budget Committee – and a bean counter in his other job – says it should act like it doesn’t.