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On Saturday afternoons in the fall, Wes Booker chases wide receivers and defensive backs on the football field as a Southeastern Conference field judge. This election season, he’s chasing a small place in history – actually, a chance to repeat it.

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The Arkansas Senate is a different place than it used to be, and this time next year it will have changed quite a bit from now.

If you watched any financial news last year at all, you may have heard the announcer say “Well, the stock market hit a new all-time high today!” In fact, the S&P 500 hit a new market high on 70 separate occasions in 2021. That is one about every three trading days.

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On Tuesday, Sept. 21, 1897, The Sun of New York City published an editorial response to a young reader's question. "Is There a Santa Claus?" The editorial written by Francis Pharcellus Church has since become a Christmas classic. magnoliareporter.com is pleased to republish that editorial today.

Growing up, I was the oldest of six kids. To help put food on the table, we raised a garden each year and fed out a hog or a calf to put in the freezer.

The 23rd annual Arkansas Poll finds voters continue to be most concerned about the economy, healthcare and politics, which were the top three concerns from 2020. However, only concern about the economy held steady, while concerns about healthcare and politics saw declines.

Redistricting has been one of the more controversial issues in Arkansas politics the past few weeks, and so far we’ve settled on a total of four seats. Among those still being decided are 135 legislative offices and many more county, city and school board ones.

When I was in grade school, I recall riding in the car with my granddad one day. At that point, he had been diagnosed with emphysema and was having some difficulty breathing.

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In elections, there’s the campaign, and beforehand there’s the campaign to raise money for the campaign. That’s where we are now, and in that campaign, $3.3 million vs. $1.5 million this past week qualified as a tie.