Rosston residents have approved a one-cent sales tax.

ROSSTON – With a 50-3 vote on Tuesday, the people of Rosston voted in favor of a one-cent city sales tax.

Initially, the city sought the sales tax in order to have the funds to do projects. However, due to COVID-19 causing the cost of everything to go up, the sales tax can also be used to help keep the city’s budget balanced. This is a permanent tax with no sunshine clause, so it will never go off the books.

“We did darned good,” said Rosston Mayor Dale Quarles, who said the new tax can be used for various things, including helping the community get matching grants. “We need to see what it brings in, but it will help with our budget. We needed something to help our revenue.”

He pointed out the improved water system is bringing in more revenue, which is good, and the extra money helps, but this will benefit the city more. Quarles said the use of the money will be prioritized to allow the city to do more things and help develop the community to bring in even more revenue. “I hope we can start a festival and bring people in,” he said.

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