Tax millage

Prescott School District passed a higher tax millage for construction of an elementary school.

PRESCOTT – There was a surprisingly large turnout Tuesday for the special Prescott millage election.

The end result was the millage was approved by a vote of 439-308. The vote pushed the millage forward as 228 people who went to Prescott High School to cast their ballot voted for it, while 94 voted against.

Early voting was almost dead even as 199 voted in favor of the millage while 198 opposed it. It was also close in absentee voting where the negative votes led 16-12.

Now the Prescott School District can move forward with its plans to build a new elementary school. The new school building will be constructed by the bus barn on the current football practice field. The existing Prescott Elementary School will be razed with the property turned into a parking lot. In addition, a parking lot will be added behind the visitor’s bleachers at Cummings Stadium.

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