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One never knows which way traffic will flow around the Magnolia Square. Early Tuesday, we watch a panel truck travel east to west on the outer lane of South Court Square. During daytime the driver would have seen plenty of visual cues that he was going the wrong way – at night, not so much. Still, more visible signage might help. And we’re still pushing for more street lights at the intersections.

The Magnolia Square is an early version of a traffic circle. A traffic circle is a concept with which Magnolia may become more familiar. The Garver plan – contents of which we’ll get around to detailing someday – includes proposals for four of them in Magnolia. They include the North Jackson-University and North Washington-University intersections, Columbia and Dudney, and Greene, Pearce and Dudney.

The SAU walking trail is a community jewel that deserves more attention than it receives.

Get fully vaccinated against COVID-19, or please avoid our festival. Too few people have been vaccinated to assure herd immunity. The COVID-19 vaccine can save Columbia Countians a lot of grief, but only if people get the shots.

Our email is being bombarded with business solicitations in various languages. French is “hot” right now.

We are endeavoring to get the City of Magnolia’s list of building permits for both March and April, but they’ve been delayed at the source.

Work was being performed Monday on the signage at University Shopping Center. There are several businesses that need to take care of sign problems.

Speaking of University Shopping Center, we note the low occupancy rate at present. Yet, it seems that many businesses are trying to start up. Folks need to call the Ashley Company in Little Rock, the owner, at 501-758-7744 and start making money in a few of these buildings.

We’re all for the concept of faux fronts for unoccupied retail spaces – the idea of placing posters, artwork or other displays in front windows of vacant buildings so that they present a more positive appearance.

Why not Magnolia? Be sure you ask that question of young tradespeople and professionals looking for a home. We have jobs. Virtually every business in Magnolia is looking for employees right now. reaches people in Magnolia and across South Arkansas, 24/7/365. If you are looking to raise your business profile, this is a place to start.

May the 4th be with you always. We’re awaiting delivery of our “Star Wars Drones” stamps today from the U.S. Postal Service. Today is the first issue date.

We have recorded 0.78 inches of rain so far this month. There was a possibility of heavy rain locally last night, but it skirted to the north. We were ready to throw a Storm Watch Party on our Facebook page but the level of weather seriousness wasn’t sufficient.

It can rain all it wants through May 13, but then we’d like for it to quit for a few days.

We can help you promote your Magnolia Blossom Festival event, but you’ve got to help us with the details. Email

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