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The Magnolia Christmas Parade and the SAU Celebration of Lights are today. Every older generation is responsible for creating positive and memorable experiences for the younger generation. Yes, they’re not the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, or the Times Square Ball Drop. But they are what we have. The parade, the Celebration of Lights, the Columbia County Fair, the Magnolia Blossom Festival – all of these are the events our children and grandchildren will remember from their youth. Let’s do our best to make them fun and memorable.

We like Arkadelphia. Always have. We just hope Lucy doesn’t pull the football – or the “Cupcake” -- away from Charlie Brown again. CLICK HERE to see the article we’ve lifted from our friend Joel Phelps at The Arkadelphian. It seems that a company with the code name of “Cupcake” is eying the former Danfoss property in the Clark County Industrial Park, with the prospect of about 170 jobs. Arkadelphia has had the football pulled away many times in dramatic fashion. Maybe it will get to kick this one through the uprights.

We’re still holding out hope that Buc-ee’s may yet expand into Arkansas. A community along Interstate 30 between TexARKana and Little Rock would be an ideal placement. And just a note: Seems that Tesla and Buc-ee’s are working out plans for Tesla EV superchargers at 27 locations in seven states.

Renewing our plea for new Murphy USA rebuilds to be more like Buc-ee’s and a little less like Murphy USA.

We’re not peasants here. We’ll acknowledge that we know some oafs, but we’re not peasants.

We can now reveal that former NBA great Karl Malone was the mystery guest for the Rotary Club of Magnolia meeting today.

Don’t really know why since we’ve explained the process often, but there are apparently residents who don’t understand that there are different ways to produce lithium. If you Google lithium, you’ll see a lot of pictures of big open pit mines, or piles of lithium salt on deserts. In South Arkansas, lithium is being produced through a closed loop system that mimics the production of bromine. Aside from gravel, sand and clay, there is no open pit mining of minerals in this region.

Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean.

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