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Micki Mitchell retired last week as the executive director of the Magnolia-Columbia County Chamber of Commerce. She was promoted into the position in August 2019 after Ellie Baker resigned to take the job of the City of Magnolia economic development director. Mitchell had previously served as the chamber’s executive assistant for eight years. No word yet on when the Chamber’s Board of Directors will select a replacement. Jeff Whitener is the current president of the board. We wish Micki well in her future plans.

We’ve said many times that the Magnolia-Columbia County Chamber of Commerce is an important organization in our community. It is an organization that is supported primarily by donations, and membership dues from businesses and individuals. Small-town chambers of commerce are also critically under-funded. We could easily make a case for the Magnolia chamber having full-time positions for an executive director, a couple of assistant directors to run membership and business recruitment programs, a secretary and, then, one or two part-times or contractors for special jobs. But the Magnolia chamber manages with an executive director and one or two assistants. Strong chambers of commerce help make strong communities.

The Chamber of Commerce will sponsor Trunk or Treating on the Magnolia Square from 2-4 p.m. Saturday.

People are experiencing or hearing about shortages of various consumer and other products. On Sunday, we asked readers of the Magnolia Reporter page on Facebook to answering the following question, “What product shortages, if any, are you encountering? The results poured in. Among the most frequently cited items: Vehicle repair parts, ammunition, paper products of all kinds, paint, crackers, hardware. Also getting mention, among others, cocoa, hot wings, artificial flowers, Gatorade, sugar-free syrup, steamer pans, pool chemicals, Afrin, linen, air conditioners, caulk and appliances. CLICK HERE to add your item to the list – maybe someone knows where to find it.

If you are experiencing an item shortage, this is a good opportunity for you to walk into Magnolia stores and SHOP.

Many readers responding to our Facebook survey mentioned that there’s a huge shortage of “common sense.” We’ve found that true at all times of year, in all decades.

Don’t put your garbage into the trash containers owned or rented by other people. It’s rude.

We had our first opportunity on Friday to dine at The Wild Hog, located at the former Spudnut Shop, 722 E. Main. It has a bar, an indoor seating area and – a new feature – a covered open air seating area. While it offers traditional American fare, we enjoyed one of its Indian specialties. It was chicken in a bowl of ginger-spiced masala, with rice.

Mississippi Masala, Greenwood.

Here’s hoping that the Spudnut Shop may someday be able to make a comeback in Magnolia.

Today is October 25. Christmas is exactly two months away.

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