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Mike McNeill is publisher and editor of magnoliareporter.com.

Classes resume in the Magnolia School District on Monday. This is always an exciting time of year. Our thoughts are usually with the high school students, and those rising into the high school campus. The start of a new school year always presents an opportunity for a reboot. A new start. A personal redux. The chance to do things differently. We were struck by our recent online poll. We asked readers about the attitude they would take if they had high school to do over again. About 45 percent of our readers said they would have worked harder at being a better student. So, students, if you have higher aspirations – that’s a clue. Something we remember most about high school were those classmates who went out of their way to be kinder, friendlier and inclusive. And while it’s certainly unfair because people change, we still harbor certain feelings about classmates who displayed, well, the opposite of more positive personality traits. Your actions determine how you’ll be remembered by your classmates. And it will stick with you for the rest of your life.

Among the fun aspects of our work are those stories that come along and grab the public’s attention. We never know from day-to-day what that story will be. This week, it was the article we picked up from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission about David Sisson’s golden crappie that he caught on Lake Columbia. We can tell you that this story alone had more readers than the total number of visits we have to our website in a typical day. People like fish stories.

Lots of buildings in town are getting new roofs.

The new fence at Panther Stadium is impressive. The refurbished parking lot, and improvements to the visitors’ dressing room, are also welcome additions. Respondents to our current online poll continue to remain hopeful that the Panthers will finish better than .500 this football season.

Very slow motion clean-up job taking place inside the old Fred’s building. Maybe a competent retailer will step forward and occupy the building. The Main-Vine corner is a busy one. The west side of Magnolia does need a retailer such as Fred’s, but better than Fred’s. Cause Fred is dead.

We have only recently discovered that Siri tells jokes if you ask her. She also tells knock-knock jokes.

Site prep work at the new Bodcaw Bank location is in full swing.

McDonald’s now expects to open its new and improved Magnolia restaurant in early October.

Remember to be helpful toward all the SAU students and parents in town for move-in weekend.

Mike McNeill is publisher and editor of magnoliareporter.com. Call him at 870-904-3865 or email news@magnoliareporter.com .

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