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Mike McNeill is publisher and editor of magnoliareporter.com.

We can’t provide a direct link for legal reasons, but we can tell you that today’s edition of Arkansas Business includes a package of stories about TexARKana. They include the redevelopment of the Hotel Grim, an update on the impact of TexARKana’s sales tax, stories on highway and airport improvements, and a report on how the newspaper there is holding up.

We happened to be in TexARKana recently and drove down State Line Avenue. We caught a glimpse of the newspaper office. Honestly, the place looked like it had been abandoned.

The same issue of Arkansas Business also reports on the effort of Farmers Bank & Trust of Magnolia to acquire Bank of Prescott, previously reported here.

Something that would help both Magnolia and TexARKana would be the rapid completion of the four-laning of U.S. 82 across South Arkansas. The heavy traffic along Interstates 10, 20 and 30 make this essential to east-west transportation across the Southern United States.

Southern Arkansas University’s band students, fall sports and student leaders have begun filtering back to the campus. Returning students will move in starting Saturday, with new students arriving in dorms on Sunday. Wishing we had Magnolia’s concession for the sale of mini-fridges. Don’t know if it’s true but we’ve been told previously that behind post-Thanksgiving Black Friday, move-in weekend is the local Walmart’s best revenue weekend of the year.

Public schools open a week from today. Woohoo!

There was some great video on the Internet this weekend of a young black bear charging across a Northeast Louisiana field. Sorry, can’t provide a link but it was entertaining. We’re pleased that black bears are slowly rebounding in the region’s woodlands. We know the idea upsets some people but bears and alligators are native to this part of the country. They belong here. We were wrong to hunt them practically to extinction.

It’s going to be hot today and Tuesday. Protect yourself.

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