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Wow. SAU sports teams aren’t getting much pre-season love from Great American Conference coaches. The football Muleriders are picked to finish eighth. The volleyball Muleriders are at the bottom of 12 teams. We’re fond of saying in this situation that the SAU teams have good chances to confound expectations. One wonders which is the stronger motivator – the prediction that you have a good team and a desire to be worthy of it, or the determination to make a decent showing in spite of the odds. Everyone loves an under-mule.

We’re seeing more references to monkeypox in news sources across the region, so we suppose it will be a thing by mid-September. Thinking long and hard about this, if modern Americans face a really serious pandemic, tens of millions are going to die. COVID-19 was a mere thump on the skull in terms of deadly potential.

Our new opinion poll takes a new look at a question we asked five years ago: “If the world was going to end tomorrow, would you want to have that information in advance?” At the moment, the voting is close.

Don’t drive the wrong way on the square at 3 a.m. and you won’t get a ticket.

Proof of life.

Yes. Just what the cultural climate needs. New episodes of “Beavis and Butt-Head.” Thanks, Paramount. Thanks a lot.

Five years ago, we reported that SAU and the University of Artemisa in Cuba signed an academic exchange agreement. CLICK HERE to read the article.

A friend named her cats “Ripley” and “Jonesy.”

Suddenlink is now officially Optimum. We always thought that “Suddenlink” was a rather unwieldly name. But we’ve heard is said that “O” is a letter to be avoided when naming a brand.

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