Mike McNeill is publisher and editor of . officially welcomes a new, temporary ad today from the law office of David Price of Magnolia. He is inviting people affected by the Saturday, February 27 explosion and fire at the Lion Oil (Delek) refinery in El Dorado to contact his office to make sure that their legal rights are protected. People who click on the ad will be redirected to the website of his law office, where they can learn more. We appreciate businesses and professionals who advertise on our website temporarily or seasonally to get important messages out to the public.

We can’t give you a direct link for legal reasons, but we can tell you that on March 4, the website published an article by Arie Egozi and Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. headlined, “Israelis Push New Missile for Patriot Launchers: SkyCeptor.” It details a partnership between Israeli defense contractor Rafael with U.S.-based Raytheon Technologies, named R2S, to build the SkyCeptor missile for Patriot launchers made for the U.S. Army. The article is significant to us since it’s the first time we’ve seen in print that the missiles – part of Israel’s “Iron Dome” air defense system – will be built by Raytheon in Camden. It’s a big deal because such a contract could be worth billions of dollars long-term.

The Columbia County legal system is awaiting the results of a mental examination of Bobby Hinson Jr., who has been in custody for more than a year on charges of abuse of an adult. Readers will remember that Hinson was arrested shortly after his mother, Delores Hinson, died after being found in poor physical condition in the home they shared on LaCari Street. His attorney filed a notice of intent to rely on the defense of mental disease or defect. Judge David Talley acted on defense motions to have evaluations done to determine Bobby Hinson’s fitness to proceed with a trial, and to determine whether he can be held criminally responsible due to his mental state.

Arkansas Business reports today that Summerfield, LA, native and former NBA star Karl Malone has purchased the Jeff Teague Chevrolet-Toyota and Ford-Lincoln dealerships in El Dorado. Malone owns other dealerships in Louisiana and Utah.

Here’s hoping that more local residents will take on peach production as an avocation.


Magnolia police and others chased a vehicle through the city on Friday night. We managed to catch some video of the chase as it whizzed up and down Washington Street at the square, and eastward to the University Plaza Shopping Center. Two people were apprehended. The video is on our Magnolia Reporter page on Facebook.

No official word yet on what may be happening to the former Western Sizzlin’ restaurant on East Main. Western Sizzlin’ closed in early 2015 and was briefly converted into Buddy Freddy’s – an American style restaurant and owned by the same franchise holder as the Sizzlin’. The old Western Sizzlin’ management had pretty much let it crash and burn, and Buddy Freddy’s never recovered from it before closing in November 2015. That’s why the restaurant location seems like it’s been closed for longer than five years. Star Buffet Management turned ownership over the SBI Leasing Inc., which, last we looked, still owns the building. Workers were inside the building last week doing -- what? Maybe someone will tell us.

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