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It’s great that groups and individuals give money toward scholarships, civic causes and special activities. All of these activities need help and the support they receive is welcomed. However, all of them need to keep one word in mind: Endowments. Building up a pile of money over time, and making awards from accrued interest and earnings, is the one way to assure that the universities, clubs and causes can be sustained over long periods. If your group or cause doesn’t already have an endowment established through the Columbia County Community Foundation, consider doing do. Think long term. CLICK HERE for more information.

Will electric scooters go over in Magnolia? We’d like to think so. Any form of low-cost, easy to use and easy to access public transportation is, by itself, a good thing.

Will a splash pad go over in Magnolia? We’d like to think so. Our readers tell us all the time that we need more types of entertainment for young people. We’re not going to object to a splash pad because it does fulfill a community need. Our concern is that it’s only half a loaf. Or maybe just a sandwich. The need is for an indoor aquatic facility that’s useful year-round but Magnolians have demonstrated that they’re not willing to pay for one. As we’ve written previously, a splash pad may be the only water-based recreation facility is likely the best we can do right now.

We appreciate that people want to see wild buffalo and bears up close, but there are reasons for all those signs in state and national parks that essentially say to stay away from them, and don’t antagonize them. This came to mind while watching another video of a man being attacked by a buffalo at Yellowstone National Park. We’d extend that warning to people in our area. They should be cautious when approaching wildlife, or even domestic animals that aren’t used to their presence.

We can’t provide you with a direct link for legal reasons, but we can tell you that on Tuesday, Forbes published online an article by Loren Thompson headlined, “How HIMARS Rockets Can Help Turn the Tide in Ukraine.” Camden-built HIMARS have twice the firing range of the howitzers that Ukraine is using against Russian forces. It’s also more precise.


A year ago, we reported that 40 Arkansas National Guardsmen were being sent to the Texas-Mexico border for 90 days to assist with security. CLICK HERE to read the article.

Our current online poll looks at the popularity of various online entertainment streaming services. We subscribe to one. We’ve considered subscribing to another. We don’t want to prejudice your potential vote but we’ll say in the early returns, two of the services far outpace five of the others we’ve listed.

Junction City and Prescott have been moved into the same football conference – Class 3A-5. Either is capable of winning a state championship in any given year. Fouke, Gurdon, Horatio, Parkers Chapel and Smackover are practically relegated to scrimmage teams.

Mike McNeill is publisher and editor of magnoliareporter.com. Email him at news@magnoliareporter.com or call him at 870-904-3865. Any opinions expressed in this column are his own. Always bet on black.

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