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The count is a little rough but a quick review tells us that since January 1, there have been 106 articles of incorporation filed with the Arkansas Secretary of State for entities in Columbia County. This means that about 100 businesses or individuals felt it necessary to become incorporated, and to give certain legal protections to themselves and their business interests. There are many reasons to get incorporated. They boil down to the need to create a legal structure that can receive and expend money through a bank account – separate and apart from one’s personal bank account. For some people, this means that a hobby or avocation has grown too large to be funded out of one’s wallet. For others, it means striking out into business on their own. At any rate there’s a lot of it going on -- more than 100 in Columbia County through the first five months of the year. The names of some incorporations don’t give a clue as to the type of work in which the owners are engaged. Many are straightforward. Some incorporations are set up to manage particular pieces of property, such as business locations or hunting clubs. Many Columbia Countians have small trucking companies, catering businesses, yard work and basic repair businesses. People are incorporating to sell cosmetics and baked goods. Chicken farms, home inspection, tax and professional services, child care, investment companies – those are just a few of the 100-plus businesses that have been incorporated in Columbia County so far this year. While the process is straightforward, people take a wise step if they talk things over with an attorney and accountant first. That said, we salute the dozens of Columbia County residents who have decided to go into business for themselves, or at least to move beyond the “profitable hobby” stage. We appreciate that going into business is a huge risk, especially if it’s intended as the major or sole source of one’s income. We certainly don’t regret our decision to do so 11 years ago, and look forward to seeing where new businesses in Magnolia and Columbia County take their owners.

We can’t give you a direct link for legal reasons, but we can tell you that on Monday, the website DraftDiamonds featured a report by Damond Talbot headlined, “2022 NFL Draft Prosect Interview, Steven Taylor, OL, Southern Arkansas University.” The website promotes collegiate athletes it believes haven’t received sufficient attention from the pros.

Word is that Derrian Ford will pay his official trip to the University of Arkansas this month. Arkansas would like for the rising Magnolia senior to become a Razorbacks basketball player in 2022.

School is out! Watch for the children. They are out and about.

Southern Arkansas had a great run at the NCAA Division II Central Regionals, but fell to top seed Central Missouri. SAU baseball finished the season 30-16.

Entertainment district.

Oh Trent. You really don’t want to engage Rex in a war of words. He knows way more words than you do.

Watch out for motorcyclists. They are often the victims of fatal or serious injury accidents that aren’t their fault. This past week has been a tough week for the bikers in Arkansas. In Little Rock, a Harley Davidson operator was struck from the side by a Yukon. In Paris, a biker on another Harley crossed the center line and struck a concrete culvert. In Conway, an operator was thrown off his Suzuki and struck a street sign. In Paragould, a truck swerved over the center line and struck an oncoming Yamaha. In rural Franklin County, a Harley left the roadway and went into a ditch, with the driver striking a street sign. In Independence County, a Yamaha operator failed to negotiate a curve on U.S. 167, struck a ditch embankment and finally a utility pole. In all six instances, the motorcycle operator died – all in less than a week.

These are the droids you’ve been looking for. We have mailed our latest batch of invoices, which means we’ve also mailed our latest USPS stamp purchase. It’s the Star Wars Droids collection, featuring 10 battle, service and maintenance droids from the Star Wars universe of films, R2-D2, C-3PO and all of their droid allies and enemies are part of the stamp collection, which was issued on, you guessed it, May the Fourth.

Why are all of these big trucks traveling around the Magnolia Square?

Magnolia needs better street lighting.

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